Sunday, May 3, 2009

BreakFAst and MORe..

Early crowd

At the Smoking area

I'm having this Fried Rice + Chicken,
Double Toast wif Jam & Butter,
Scramble Eggs and a cup of hot black Coffee..

Man always be man

Kalau kat ofis breakfast at 9am,
bleh gossip2 ngan BFF & frens,
here, in Bandung still can do the same wif Fadhilah..Hehehe..

Pool Posing

Cuaca kat Bandung sangat2 sejuk di waktu pagi
(subuh especially)
dan dekat2 nak masuk waktu maghrib..
hingga lah ke malam harinya..
(Can u believe that we dont even switch on the aircond?
coz i feel deadly cold as if we were in the freezer!!
Oh ya, Thanks God they hve water heater!)
So dont u dare asking wether i get wet in the pool..

Last man standing

Now my husbd said i'm invisible!
Kind of absorb to the gazebo's n curtains coz the
color that i choose to wear..
except my blue jeans that make people quickly noticed that;
Oh, ada orang lah kat situ..
(Not funny taw?!!! I'm not Sumpah2!!)

Zara Men

I loooovvveee brown..that's my signature color
and its ok, i dont mind been compared to
pokok ke, kayu ke, tiang ke...OK??

ss!! (Tak faham??)

Fadhilah, Yours truly and Kak Ani just cant wait to shop..


Drama Mama said...

hi there, yeah been reading ur blog a couple of times before this, but didn't recognize u instantly, maybe coz dah pakai tudung skarang kot. :-D

wah, ur still looking smoking hot even after a child! kena share2 secret with me nih, i wanna be a hot mama too. ;-)

AiZa'S said...

so we've met before at dr roszita for real? tee hihi..i knew it!
glad to c u again here..and wat a small world kan?

eh, no-lah..i'm just back to the same figure like b4..may be because im feeling tired..u kno its not easy when u r at home wif lil monster tugging, playing and running around..;)

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