Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back To JakaRta

We reached Jakarta around 7.30pm..straight away to Sagero JUmbo-(i dont give damn wat's the meaning of it!) Padang Restaurant (urghhh not again!!!) before checking into this Aston Atrium Senen Hotel..

Jakarta boring-typical nite view
In front of Plaza Indonesia

Where we eat

What they eat..

I tried my very best but this Padang Cuisine was tottaly out of meeeeeee..

Trust me..i dont even take a sip of it..-dont ask me why ok??

This restaurant are also available for holding a wedding dinner..
Cantek kan?? I wonder wat kind of wedding costume
that suit this kind of pelamin?

Me : nak bersanding lagi skali lah!
Him : Ee..rasa cam nak kawen lagi lah!
Me : Wat?? OK..permission given..

He then cepat2 pujuk then ask me to pose : Messraaaaaaa"
Me : (Fake smile)

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