Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Sweet LiKE CoTToN CanDY"

Have u ever meet someone that u feel he/she was sooooo sweet..??
Sweet like sugar…?

Until u tend to call he/she my sugar baby..? Sugar2..Or just sugar..?
Sweet like honey…?

And u address him/her—oh my honey bunny….
Sweet like chocolates bar..?

I remembered once my fren called his bfren secretary and asked..
"Are u sure that my dark chocolates bar is out for meeting?
-Which make me LOL as she refered her–hitam manis-skin shades bfren like that..
Soooo sweet kan? Hmmmm…

My husband save my name in his hp contacts as “Honey Bee..”
Cause according to him-I’m his Sayang (konon-lar)…and moreover, I suka berleter memanjang like buzzling bee..(ni sebenarnya)..

My dear son-Carliff for me, was sweet like honey…
He can make facial expression that can really touch my heart truly,deeply..
He can act-make –aksi manja lara…
that make me wanna hugs him and never let go…
Even sometime, when I saw him playing by his own..
make me feel that he is sweet by a baby boy..
-and babies..are soooo adoreable..and super-duper sweet

But lately i just remember that there’s something else that was also sweet…like the rest..
-A Cotton Candy!!!
Hmmm..sweet like cotton candy…
(eiwwww.., sampai terasa macam nak sakit gigi..)
and I had found the right person that I think was very suitable to be called…
“My sweet cotton candy…”
Oh come on, u kno who U R... ;)

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