Thursday, April 2, 2009

SaTuRday MorninG & Dose Of CaffeiNe

Saturday Morning would be such wonderful if…


The moment I open my eyes..
I’m somewhere in private, nice, cozy wif zen id concept hotel room..
my loves one was still lying there by my side..

facing me..
So that I can smell him like never before..
And…tickle his ears..neck…

Wat a feeling darling..

That morning would be perfect if..
I can have a medium size of extra caramel ice blended from the Coffee Beans

(owh, i kno.. bad habits tapi i suka minum ais pagi2...mmmm)
Together wif the muffins..

Then headed to the bath tub..
Burn the vanilla candles..and relax..


Owh, whre's everybody??
Wat?? He went off to work already??
n Carliff??
Owh, here u R..still sleeping..gosh..

Arghhh..i desperately need a coffee..Now!!
And why on earth I just cant get rid of this unhealthy habits at all haa?

But that's not coffee..its caramel lar..-lantaklah-that's according to Me!!

May be I shud get dress and headed to the shop! Yeay!!
Oowhhhh..not untill Carliff get up..

and take him to shower, get him dress & etc
not untill i prepared his meal..
not untill i call mom
not untill i...take shower,
do some laundry, wash the dishes..and bla bla..

May be i just make myself one..
Wat a typical morning huh?? ;( Uhuks..
Adoiii, I'm getting me!!

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