Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HeLppp..I donT wanna Go HOmeeeeee!!

Me on the shuttle on way up to Gunung Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung

(People keep calling me Ikin whenever i put on my glasses..Ceh..aku ngak sukak itu..and Mawi bukan taste-nya aku!!)

"Get your hand off me!!!..I dont wanna go home!!!"

Huhu..i feel like crying when we land ourself at Sukarno Hatta International Airport..Oh no..we're headed home while i'm still in the mood of shopping..

Sampai hubby kata..
"Gila u..kalu u shopping lagi..i dah tak larat nak angkat bag kat u..
brapa banyak lagi baju u nak beli? Apa lagi u tak beli??
Just stop it ok? Control skit.."

and when i'm about to say,
"Tapi ..."

"No-no! Jgan nak drama kat sini..lets go home!!"

I then make face..konon cam nak merajok.Seriously, i can ever live in Jakarta..its just like KL..the city, the view..if Ashraf can do it for loves..i can do it for my love towards shopping..so that i can travel every weekends to Bandung and shop, shop, shop....Oh God..

"Save your money..if God will, we'll back here in December..i promise!"

And me saying..

"What?? Oh My God..Promise??"

"InsyaAllah..simpan duit ok??"

"Eeeeeeeeeee...i sayang u!!"

Tapi seriously i rasa macam tak mau balik! Tak tipu..

The only things that wakes me up is that,

I really deadly deeply miss my Carliff Al-Imran sooooooooooooooooo much, much, much than u can ever imagine..
(sampai nak tidor pon i ciummmmmmm baju tak basuh dia yg i bawak coz i suka bau peluh masam yg melekat kat baju tuh!!)

I miss Mak and Adik2 kat umah jugak..
my Bff..Frens..owh, how i wish u guys are here..
so that we all can be crazy..
doing shopping allllllllllllllll days longggggggggggggggg..
like thre's no tomorrow..

Ok-lah, all in all wat can i say is that

If u had lots of money and feel like throw it away..
Go to Bandung and have a blast..

If u Loves shopping, and can go crazy like me..
Feel free to visits Bandung whenever u want
Cause that's a place to be..
Where u can get all branded stuff like..
Roberto Cavalli-Just Cavalli, GUESS?, Esprit, Ed Hardy's, Ted Baker,
Levi's, Paul Smith, MNG's, GUESS Kids, Osh Kosh, and more and more and more at 50% price.. i repeat 50% !! and its 200% Original OK??
Wat a heaven..
Itu blom termasuk kalu gi shopping kat Pasar Baru..
Kain2 kat sana..super cantik-lah..the same material at the same quality yg i beli kat Jakel for RM 39 per meter, kat Pasar Baru u can get it at only RM 18 per meter..!! Did u get that?? Betapa best nya shopping kat sana??
(sampai kawan i kata..jual harimau senyum pon laku kat sini-Hahah)

If u want to go for honeymoon..
Please2, do choose Bandung as one of your favourite place..

If u are about to set up Muslimah Boutique type of business..
atau nak jual kain, tudung atau brooch ker...
Bandung is the right place to get your stocks and stuffs..
at super damn cheaper price..this i guarentee u..

Anyway, just go ok..just go to Bandung and feel it yourself!!!

Stay tunes..
Lots of pretty pictures and Jakarta-Bandung Reviews after this..
(from whre we stay, what we eat, whre we go and etc, etc)

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hOOdedLicIOUS said...

Ko buat liurku meleleh la aiza..nak gak sopping mopping kat sana kalau cam ni...huhu..

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