Monday, April 20, 2009

FLyinG TO JaKaRta-BanduNG

I’m leaving to Jakarta-Bandung from the 24th to 28th of April.
( A holidays at last! Phew..)
But I’m still got a lot of things to be publish here..such as;

1) About Carliff get admitted again (for the third time)
2) Nadal get himself the fifth Monaco tittle (Yeay..your R the man, man!)
3) About Mr Miez tremendous makeover (oopss)
4) Bout me crazy over Sophie Kinsella shopaholic series
5) Our lil trip to Batu Maung Aquarium
6) Carliff first experience crosstown by ferry
7) How my little fella repaired his own wheel

and much more..
So bear wif me as i'll be back on track soon..
Goodbye everyone..take care!!

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take care and have fun ok!! nanti bawak balik gambar byk2

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