Thursday, April 30, 2009

At NiGht we FLY..

Air Asia Indonesia
Flight No QZ 7669
From Penang to Jakarta
Date : 24th April 2009, Friday
Departure Time : 2030-Delayed to 2110 pm
Arrival Time : 2330 pm

Caramel Ice Blended plus Choc Chips Muffin plus me
plus one and a half lil' man equal to Perfect!!!
Kesian Carliff :( kena tinggal dgan Mak Tok..
(Mommy miss u since then..hopefully i can survived!)

"Burger anyone?," Asked Mr MC Ambassador
aka Amri Garcia

Yeah right..i gained weight..i'm happy..soooooo??

Signing the arrival form

Never out of style..
anytime, anywhere..

Spot the Not..
Not to wear grey wif fuschia, obviously..
Not to take pixture without ur lipstick on..
Not dis and dat..

ME cari pasal : I think u looks old-lah in this pix..
HE denied : No! Uuuu looks old!!
ME : Eh, u la..u dah 30's man! Three-zero!
HE defending : No, we look the u r old..
ME lied : Mana adaa?..not even an aging sign..
HE bullet proved: Then why spend hundreds on
anti-aging cream?? Huh??
ME fed up : We both getting older Ok?? Dah2..
HE's not getting enuf : No..only uu..dat looks old!
i then change to silent mode..(wrong person to cari pasal)

Mommy and Daddy

There he goes..
tidur meninggalkan i dalam kebosanan..

dan beginilah jua akhirnya..
Hahaha..tak sedar diri.

We finally arrived..wee..

Bapak2 dan Ibuk2,
Selamat Datang ke Jakarta, Indonesia!!

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suret said...

wehh..ada series plak...bila nak hupdet ni...

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