Thursday, April 30, 2009

At NiGht we FLY..

Air Asia Indonesia
Flight No QZ 7669
From Penang to Jakarta
Date : 24th April 2009, Friday
Departure Time : 2030-Delayed to 2110 pm
Arrival Time : 2330 pm

Caramel Ice Blended plus Choc Chips Muffin plus me
plus one and a half lil' man equal to Perfect!!!
Kesian Carliff :( kena tinggal dgan Mak Tok..
(Mommy miss u since then..hopefully i can survived!)

"Burger anyone?," Asked Mr MC Ambassador
aka Amri Garcia

Yeah right..i gained weight..i'm happy..soooooo??

Signing the arrival form

Never out of style..
anytime, anywhere..

Spot the Not..
Not to wear grey wif fuschia, obviously..
Not to take pixture without ur lipstick on..
Not dis and dat..

ME cari pasal : I think u looks old-lah in this pix..
HE denied : No! Uuuu looks old!!
ME : Eh, u la..u dah 30's man! Three-zero!
HE defending : No, we look the u r old..
ME lied : Mana adaa?..not even an aging sign..
HE bullet proved: Then why spend hundreds on
anti-aging cream?? Huh??
ME fed up : We both getting older Ok?? Dah2..
HE's not getting enuf : No..only uu..dat looks old!
i then change to silent mode..(wrong person to cari pasal)

Mommy and Daddy

There he goes..
tidur meninggalkan i dalam kebosanan..

dan beginilah jua akhirnya..
Hahaha..tak sedar diri.

We finally arrived..wee..

Bapak2 dan Ibuk2,
Selamat Datang ke Jakarta, Indonesia!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ST12_Puspa-PutUskan SaJa PacaRmu

Together at Penang International Airport

Lagu nih i tujukan khas buat Fadhilah-Kawan baik bergossip i sepanjang berada di Jakarta-Bandung..(Kami bergossip tentang suma hal-anak2, orang2, kasut, baju, bag, brooch, tudung dan segala macam yang kami shopping kat sana)..
Lucky i got her there..ada jugak geng satu kepala yang kaki gossip dan suka berjalan2 cam i..Thank you Fadhilah..syok gila kan?? Nanti kita gi sana lagi yukk!!

Anyway Fadhilah kalu u ingat lagu nih..dinyanyikan dengan penuh ehem2 nya oleh penyanyi dangdut yang video klip nya ada Abang Eddy yang sangat gatal ituh..setelah di Google oleh Amri..ternyata lagu ini dinyanyi kan oleh kumpulan ST12-Puspa Dari Indonesia..yg tengah hits kat sana..Ala video klip kumpulan nih pon Pak Ali bagi kita tgok kat dalam bas hari tuh..yg model nya Luna Maya tuh, remember?

Sedap gak lagu ni bila dah dengar original version-nya 2,3x..Terkenang2 Bandung, Rumah Mode & Pasar Baru..Huhu..(Amri siap buat ringtone tuh..bikin malu gue aja sih..)

Apapun, Selamat kembali bertugas & ber-tension di opis esok..heheh..

ST12 - PUSPA (Putuskan Saja Pacarmu)

Kau gadisku yang cantik

Coba lihat aku disini

Di sini ada aku yang sayang padamu

Kau gadisku yang manis

Coba dekat aku disini

Di sini ada aku yang cinta padamu

* Walau ku tahu bahwa dirimu

Sudah ada yang punya

Namun aku tunggu sampai kau mau


Woo woo jangan jangan kau menolak cintaku

Jangan jangan kau ragukan hatiku

Ku kan selalu setia menunggu

Untuk jadi pacarmu

Woo woo jangan jangan kau tak terima cintaku

Jangan jangan kau hiraukan pacarmu

Putuskanlah saja pacarmu

Lalu bilang I LOVE U padaku

repeat *repeat reff [2x]

HeLppp..I donT wanna Go HOmeeeeee!!

Me on the shuttle on way up to Gunung Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung

(People keep calling me Ikin whenever i put on my glasses..Ceh..aku ngak sukak itu..and Mawi bukan taste-nya aku!!)

"Get your hand off me!!!..I dont wanna go home!!!"

Huhu..i feel like crying when we land ourself at Sukarno Hatta International Airport..Oh no..we're headed home while i'm still in the mood of shopping..

Sampai hubby kata..
"Gila u..kalu u shopping lagi..i dah tak larat nak angkat bag kat u..
brapa banyak lagi baju u nak beli? Apa lagi u tak beli??
Just stop it ok? Control skit.."

and when i'm about to say,
"Tapi ..."

"No-no! Jgan nak drama kat sini..lets go home!!"

I then make face..konon cam nak merajok.Seriously, i can ever live in Jakarta..its just like KL..the city, the view..if Ashraf can do it for loves..i can do it for my love towards that i can travel every weekends to Bandung and shop, shop, shop....Oh God..

"Save your money..if God will, we'll back here in December..i promise!"

And me saying..

"What?? Oh My God..Promise??"

"InsyaAllah..simpan duit ok??"

"Eeeeeeeeeee...i sayang u!!"

Tapi seriously i rasa macam tak mau balik! Tak tipu..

The only things that wakes me up is that,

I really deadly deeply miss my Carliff Al-Imran sooooooooooooooooo much, much, much than u can ever imagine..
(sampai nak tidor pon i ciummmmmmm baju tak basuh dia yg i bawak coz i suka bau peluh masam yg melekat kat baju tuh!!)

I miss Mak and Adik2 kat umah jugak..
my Bff..Frens..owh, how i wish u guys are here..
so that we all can be crazy..
doing shopping allllllllllllllll days longggggggggggggggg..
like thre's no tomorrow..

Ok-lah, all in all wat can i say is that

If u had lots of money and feel like throw it away..
Go to Bandung and have a blast..

If u Loves shopping, and can go crazy like me..
Feel free to visits Bandung whenever u want
Cause that's a place to be..
Where u can get all branded stuff like..
Roberto Cavalli-Just Cavalli, GUESS?, Esprit, Ed Hardy's, Ted Baker,
Levi's, Paul Smith, MNG's, GUESS Kids, Osh Kosh, and more and more and more at 50% price.. i repeat 50% !! and its 200% Original OK??
Wat a heaven..
Itu blom termasuk kalu gi shopping kat Pasar Baru..
Kain2 kat sana..super cantik-lah..the same material at the same quality yg i beli kat Jakel for RM 39 per meter, kat Pasar Baru u can get it at only RM 18 per meter..!! Did u get that?? Betapa best nya shopping kat sana??
(sampai kawan i kata..jual harimau senyum pon laku kat sini-Hahah)

If u want to go for honeymoon..
Please2, do choose Bandung as one of your favourite place..

If u are about to set up Muslimah Boutique type of business..
atau nak jual kain, tudung atau brooch ker...
Bandung is the right place to get your stocks and stuffs..
at super damn cheaper price..this i guarentee u..

Anyway, just go ok..just go to Bandung and feel it yourself!!!

Stay tunes..
Lots of pretty pictures and Jakarta-Bandung Reviews after this..
(from whre we stay, what we eat, whre we go and etc, etc)

Monday, April 20, 2009

FLyinG TO JaKaRta-BanduNG

I’m leaving to Jakarta-Bandung from the 24th to 28th of April.
( A holidays at last! Phew..)
But I’m still got a lot of things to be publish here..such as;

1) About Carliff get admitted again (for the third time)
2) Nadal get himself the fifth Monaco tittle (Yeay..your R the man, man!)
3) About Mr Miez tremendous makeover (oopss)
4) Bout me crazy over Sophie Kinsella shopaholic series
5) Our lil trip to Batu Maung Aquarium
6) Carliff first experience crosstown by ferry
7) How my little fella repaired his own wheel

and much more..
So bear wif me as i'll be back on track soon..
Goodbye everyone..take care!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

TAke a BOW by Leona Lewis

Hmmm..i donnu why on earth i feel so touch wif this song lyrics..
(Terlebih emosi i lately..)

Take A Bow

[Verse 1:]

The flowers are faded now

Along with your letters

They will never see the light of day

Cause I'll never take them out

And there's no turning back

Its for the better

Baby I disserved more than empty words

And promises

I believed everything you said

And I give you the best I have



So take a bow.

Cause you've taken everything else

You played the part and like a star you played it so well

Take a bow'cause this scene is coming to an end

I gave you love.

All you give me was pretend

So now... Take a bow

[Verse 2:]

The future's about to change

Before you know it the curtain closes

Take a look around

There's no one in the crowd

I'm throwing away the pain

And you should know that your performance it made me stronger now


Well it must have been slight of hand'cause I still can't understand

How I could never see

Just what a fool believed


But the lies they start to show

Tell me how it feels to know

Right now that I wont be around

So baby before I put you out[

Chorus x2]

Thursday, April 2, 2009

SaTuRday MorninG & Dose Of CaffeiNe

Saturday Morning would be such wonderful if…


The moment I open my eyes..
I’m somewhere in private, nice, cozy wif zen id concept hotel room..
my loves one was still lying there by my side..

facing me..
So that I can smell him like never before..
And…tickle his ears..neck…

Wat a feeling darling..

That morning would be perfect if..
I can have a medium size of extra caramel ice blended from the Coffee Beans

(owh, i kno.. bad habits tapi i suka minum ais pagi2...mmmm)
Together wif the muffins..

Then headed to the bath tub..
Burn the vanilla candles..and relax..


Owh, whre's everybody??
Wat?? He went off to work already??
n Carliff??
Owh, here u R..still sleeping..gosh..

Arghhh..i desperately need a coffee..Now!!
And why on earth I just cant get rid of this unhealthy habits at all haa?

But that's not coffee..its caramel lar..-lantaklah-that's according to Me!!

May be I shud get dress and headed to the shop! Yeay!!
Oowhhhh..not untill Carliff get up..

and take him to shower, get him dress & etc
not untill i prepared his meal..
not untill i call mom
not untill i...take shower,
do some laundry, wash the dishes..and bla bla..

May be i just make myself one..
Wat a typical morning huh?? ;( Uhuks..
Adoiii, I'm getting me!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

~SakiT JIWa~

Pada awan kulihat bentukkan wajahmu
Tapi hanya aku yang tahu
Hanya aku yang mampu lihat itu
Wajah kecintaanku
Hanya aku

Pada bulan kulihat redup bundar matamu
Tapi hanya aku yang tahu
Hanya aku yang mampu lihat itu
Mata hatiku
Hanya aku

Bagai awan kau takkan kekal disitu selalu
Kala sang bayu merayu mengheretmu dari aku
Kau pasti berlalu pergi
Menuju satu destinasi
Menghampuskan mimpi-mimpiku
Untuk bersama kamu

Bagai bulan kau takkan selamanya bersinar lagi
Kau pasti ketemukan mentari mu
Lalu jauh meninggalkan aku
Menuju jalan pasti
Meranapkan impian-impianku
Untuk hidup denganmu

Dan yang tinggal aku..
Kau akan tinggalkan aku
Seperti yang pernah kau tinggalkan
Sungguh menyakitkan
Sungguh menyakitkan

Sakit Jiwa By Shaferrihaiza

"LOve is Me n U"

"Sweet LiKE CoTToN CanDY"

Have u ever meet someone that u feel he/she was sooooo sweet..??
Sweet like sugar…?

Until u tend to call he/she my sugar baby..? Sugar2..Or just sugar..?
Sweet like honey…?

And u address him/her—oh my honey bunny….
Sweet like chocolates bar..?

I remembered once my fren called his bfren secretary and asked..
"Are u sure that my dark chocolates bar is out for meeting?
-Which make me LOL as she refered her–hitam manis-skin shades bfren like that..
Soooo sweet kan? Hmmmm…

My husband save my name in his hp contacts as “Honey Bee..”
Cause according to him-I’m his Sayang (konon-lar)…and moreover, I suka berleter memanjang like buzzling bee..(ni sebenarnya)..

My dear son-Carliff for me, was sweet like honey…
He can make facial expression that can really touch my heart truly,deeply..
He can act-make –aksi manja lara…
that make me wanna hugs him and never let go…
Even sometime, when I saw him playing by his own..
make me feel that he is sweet by a baby boy..
-and babies..are soooo adoreable..and super-duper sweet

But lately i just remember that there’s something else that was also sweet…like the rest..
-A Cotton Candy!!!
Hmmm..sweet like cotton candy…
(eiwwww.., sampai terasa macam nak sakit gigi..)
and I had found the right person that I think was very suitable to be called…
“My sweet cotton candy…”
Oh come on, u kno who U R... ;)

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