Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sweet N SimPLe BirthdaY Celebration

When : 6th of March 2009-Friday

Where : Nursery PDC

What : Carliff's Birthday Celebration

As 6th of March this year fall on Friday..i tought it would be great if Carliff can celebrate his first birthday wif his teachers and frens at school. So I decided to throw a simple ‘cake cutting’ ceremony..just to had and share some fun and happiness wif them. I bought two Chocolate Moist Cake (one as a THANK YOU threat for his teachers) along wif the party packs..
Eventho Carliff was not feeling well (he got flu and cough), he seems like enjoyed being around wif his lil' brothers and sisters…(while most of his classmates were sleeping and some of them even cant take the cake yet…heheh) and sang him “Happy Birthday” song. Hoorayyyyy…

Just a simple / last minutes birthday cake

The Birthday Boy

Hey wat’s goin on??

Wif the Nanny-Tok Tam (yang mengasuh, menjaga &
mendidik Carliff since he was 61 days old)
Thank You Tok Tam

Carliff Sayang Tok Tam..

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