Sunday, March 29, 2009

On MY BirthdaY..

My Birthday Eve

Carliff don’t want to eat..
he even refused his milk..
I suspect something wrong wif him..
He started to cry..cry and cry..
I make him go to sleep..and he refused
He want to be held…to be hug…
So I carried him around..but still refused to sleep..
And he cried all nite longggg…
And only sleep at 3.00am in the morning..
So the early morning of my 28th birthday..
I caught headache..less sleep
(But I received 5 smses from my fren wishing me
Happy Birthday that early in the morning)

On My Birthday

I’m off from work..

bought Carliff to Pantai Hospital for a check up..
Dr Chan said he got Ulcer..

and no wonder he refused to eat/drink at all..
When back home, we both goes to bed..
So I spend my birthday taking care of my son and sleeping..
all day longg..
and I even cancelled my birthday dinner
cause I had no mood and tired..

Check out my hp
I received bout 25 smses..

(wow..what a record..)
Since 12.00am till 2.00pm
Families been calling..
But my mom, my sister and my brother forget bout it..
Even one of my special fren also forget bout it..
They only called at 8.00pm..
And my husband came back late..
So I spend my birthday nite crying..

(I noticed that every year during my birthday
slalu ja i bebai teruk..
tak pon demam, buat perangai, memberontak..
Mak kata memang perangai i cam tuh
bila ja tiba time nak berubah umor..
teruk kan??)

Despite all that,
I heard my officemates was planning somthing suprise for me..
(Even i can tell...tak lain tak bukan Charlie and the 2 Angels)
Which I miss.., which I really2 appriciates it
But still because I’m home taking care of my son..
So My birthday is just another same usual day..
Its only my birthday..
(and who the hell cares??)

To Endang, Haimi & Kak Ayu
I’m sorry that I spoil your plans..
Thank you very much..
Terharu sangat2..
I really like the presents..

somemore its in purple..
Good aura..

To Mak, Adik & Ikhram
Its ok and I tak merajuk la
I kno mak busy dengan tailoring business
And adik sibuk dengan keja, keja, keja..

(sampai lupa Kak Ja)
And Ikhram bz denagn study and paperworks

To Mama & Bapak
Thank you sebab belikan tafsir Al-Quran

Dah lama Aiza cari tafsir mengikut juzuk cam tuh..

Glad u make it as my birthday persents

To My Dear Husband
I’m sorry that I had to call off my birthday dinner
U kno that i'm taking care of Carliff all nite longg..

and i'm deadly tired..
and i have no mood at all..
Anyway thank you for your efforts of buying me cakes,

(never tot u know i suka Carrot Cake)
for buying me "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" original DVD,
and for paying me the Jakarta-Bandung Trips..(huh!!)
May be in one fine day, when u R free..
We can arrange for a belated birthday dinner
Just for us three…and then spend time wif the family..

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