Friday, March 20, 2009

My DeaR DarLinG can WALK now...

Carliff starts to show his ability to walk a week before his birthday..wif trial and error at the beginning (wat i mean..up and fall, up again and fall again...).Then when he caught fever few days later, he's a bit slow down (but never give up)..untill a nite after his birthday party..he wakes up and walk like a pro...-what a suprise!!!

And now, he can walk and tour around almost, all over the place by his own (and of course wif fully supervised by his ehem, guardian angel..-u know who-lah kan??)

Anyway, i'm soo happy and bersyukur sangat2!!..Carliff's dah besar..Rasa macam sekejap sangat time pass by..

(Syukur Ya Allah, Kau berikan dia kemudahan dan kesihatan yang secukupnya untuk membesar dengan sihat dan sempurna..)

Pixs taken at Tesco Extra, Seberang Jaya FoodCourt

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