Monday, March 23, 2009

COme anD Read Wif Me at BORDER's.

Different times and dates but at the SAME place-
BORDER's Bookstore, Queensbay, Penang..

One great place that we can hang around, and do some interesting activities (reading, browsing, etc,etc) together during the weekends..
I like it, my hubby loves it, and this little fella enjoyed it..YIppeee...

Episode two : 22th March 2009

I'm a big boy now, i can walk..sometime i talk..and i can choose what i want when i want..handed over to mommy..then, we'll read together..

"Mommy can i choose one?"

"Yes, dear..anything u like,"

"OOupsss..i did it again!!!"
(Gosh, my son's choosing the PINK book??!!)

"Pick it up..son,"

"May be i just take something from here,"

Episode One : Cant even remember the exact date

I still depends on something to walk around..mommy choose wat she thinks the best for me..and we do the reading together..

" Yeaaaa....i loves books, and books and books,"

I said, " Come let me read for u,"

" Na na...dont want!"
refused and tried to hide the book from me..

Tunjuk perasaan pon bermula..

" I can read myself...this is mineeeeeeeeee,"
and he starts to open up volume and screaammmmmm...
So i said "Syhhhhh....ok, ok,u smart, u clever boy...
now read to me,"

And this is how he read..LOL

Sabar je lah Labuuu...

Anyway guys, BORDER's are having story time every Sunday at 3.00pm..
Why dont u guys bring your kids and
had some fun time together??
and if you see this familiar face there..
do come and say "Hello," ok??
See Ya...

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