Saturday, March 14, 2009

THe Birthday Gifts-Part TWO

As i told u before..Carliff dapat banyak sangat birthday gifts...and here are some more of wat he got for his first birthday..

This birthday present came from my fren MUSRIANI..
yang walaupun tak dapat hadir..sudi juga kirimkan hadiah buat Carliff
TERIMA KASIH banyak2 yer..

And Aunty ANI bought Carliff this mobile truck..YIPeeee!!!

This sweet gift is from Kak SOPHEA & Sons

Dont u think this PLAYSKOOL Hammer set is super cool?
THANK YOU Aunty Sophea..

I'm sooo Happy that my old fren ADZNIZA can come
and joined the party that day..
She's my school mate and we had been friend for about 13 years..

THANK YOU ADZNI for this pink frame..(She's looking forward for her daughter first birthday on this coming 6th April 2009..-Bleh lah Aunty gi birthday party Auny plak nanti yer?)

Hadiah ni plak daripada KAK TINI & Family
Kak Tini came wif his son-Aiman that day..
Carliff enjoy sangat dapat main dengan Abang Aiman

When we open the present, we found this …from FISHER PRICE
Wahh..pasnih, jenuh lah Mommy nak pujuk Carliff kuar shower room

This packaging was from AIMI aka UNCLE MIEZ
(and I wrongly put the card together wif the package

coz it’s from my other fren..i’m sowy!!)
I wish that he can hang around a bit longer at the party
Tapi kunun-nya dia malu plak..apa daaa… lar dapat telephone nih-pink karer lagii..
It’s from FISHER PRICE..and Carliff sangat..

And this present came from..EN. FAUZI, KAK YANIE & Family

It was sooo surprise to see this MINI STUDY COMPUTER
Which was sooo advance for one year old kiddy to use it..
Anyway, THANK YOU KAK YANIE, I’ll make sure that Carliff
Will fully utilize this IT gadget at the right time, for a good purposes..

Orait, the next present came from KAK ETA & Hubby-GHADAFY
Cute wrapping nih..macam Kak Eta jugak!!

Haaa....Carliff get this tool from
both of them..TQ,TQ....

This one came from KAK AYA-Ummi SYifa'
who was also Carliff's classmate

I really like this kind of presents..a BOok..
as CArliff loves reading..
Ok i know what u guys had been thinking..
this book tittle remind us too WONDER PETS cartoon series
right?? Haha..

The four presents above was given by
I’m sorry that I cannot identify which one which....
as there’s no signature ID on it.
However, I would like to say THANK YOU all of you for your thoughts and for such a fun toys..Really2 appreciates it!!!

Hubby bought back this ANAKKU Soft Blocks from office last few days.
It was from his colleage EN. AZMAN, Wife –KAK JUWITA and his two lil’ daughter. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ya.

Last one to arrived yesterday was something colourful from our AUNT-CHAQ IDAH & CUMIN. TERIMA KASIH sebb ingat jugak kat cucu sedara sorang nih..

Other than that, my family and I juga nak ucapkan berbanyak-banyak TERIMA KASIH pada KAK AIN, KAK IDA, KAK MIN, KAK ALEEYA, FADHILAH & ASRI SEKELUARGA yang berikan saguhati berupa wang tunai untuk savings Carliff. Bertambah lah simpanan dalam Akaun Nuri bulan nih..Alhamdulillah..

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