Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BiG SpenDeRs

End of February..goin out wif family,
shopping like crazy..heheh..

Bought this two grand green..From NiChiii

Lately i suka beli/pakai tunic

i'm so in love with the sequins detail on it
Bling-Bling.. :)

This one for officewear

And this front ribbons row
catch me at first sight

BOught this two tees FROM Levis'

Somthing short and black for me

I really love this abtract sense of grafitti design


Dull Brown-very me!

Oh that roses..make me bloom..


This one below was exclusively from ELLE

Fuschia in coloR

I'm ELLE, how bout u?

Gosh, i loves shopping..
Somthing from Forever 21
This one i bought during girls day out wif Endang
..early March

If u guys noticed, i wear this on Carliff birthday

The color, the pearls..
make it perfect for me..

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