Sunday, February 22, 2009

MiRRoR, MiRRoR on The WaLL, Whose The Cutest of em' ALL??

Ever since he knew and started to noticed and being consious whether i stay closed to him or not..Carliff's like making a noise while searching around..and kind of asking "Whre's mommy?? Mommy?? My Mommy??" or somthing like that..with his own language which i lately about to understand the meaning, that he is actually was looking for me!!

As a mother, my inner instinct telling me that he just cant live without me..(unless, he's at the nursery-may be because he used to it..or when he's with his daddy-itupun tak lebih dari one hour or..he's soo preoccupied with his toys and stuff-usually,no longer than 20 minutes, untill started to make that kind of noise again..)

And because of that, i had to make my self invisible-quickly out of his view, if i want to go to the fitting room..toilets or sorting stuff whenever we were out for shopping..

Below are some of his pixxies captured by my hubby at GUESS Boutique while he's playing and talking to himself in the mirror while i'm doin some fitting..which only last about 5 minutes..before i can hardly hear some familiar voice outside, crying for his mommy.. he miss me huh?!

So..with regards to these current situation, are u guys suggesting me to bring him to Bandung??
OR Is it ok if i left him with his maktok?

Do you think we can survive that 5 days without seeing each other??
Wat a nightmare...

"Hai there,i'm your twin brother,"

"I know, i'm the cutest of them all,"

"OH wait, Daddy, where's mommy??"

"I want my mommy..waaaaa,"

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