Monday, February 9, 2009

i'M ELEVEN months old BOY!!

Carliff reached 11 months on the 6th Feb 2009..only one month to go before his first birthday!! Wuhoooo...!!

11 Month old baby development is the second to last month of the one-year developmental cycle. Your baby has seen plenty of action, thrills and event-filled days in the past ten months.

In the very near future he will start performing highly sophisticated and advanced tasks and exercises.

Now that your child is a month away from her first birthday party, he is not the same old toddler, who found it impossible to do anything without your active help! Though he still needs plenty of care and moral support, there are many things and tasks that he can perform with confidence!

11 Month old baby development is the time when your baby refines his attitude, sharpens his skills and improves performances. He is getting much stronger now and his mental development is slowly reaching full potential.

Physical Change

This stage is marked by ever-growing physical independence.

He carries out several independent tasks like sitting, squatting, crawling and standing alone with some support.

At feeding times, he may be able to solidly grip a cup and drink from it independently and hand-feed himself a bowl of food.
However, not all babies have mastered this skill. But your baby will eventually perform this task. You just need to be patient.

He may drop objects on purpose, so you can pick it up for him.

By the end of 11 months, he will put on weight and be much taller.
He may stand alone against objects like chairs and tables.

Mental Changes

At the end of 11 months, he may demand more care from you and your spouse.

He may also need some favorite toy like a stuffed animal or teddy bear for comfort and assurance.

If you have other children, he most likely will demand preferential treatment from you. In many cases, he wants your attention before caring for your other kids.

At the end of 11 months, your baby will be sufficiently intelligent to understand objects, things and people and draw conclusions about their appearances.

Verbal Communication Skills

Your baby now makes words and word-like sounds. And he uses them effectively too! These words and expressions are clearer now. Some children even utter two syllable words. Others may take a bit longer.

You can encourage and stimulate his language skills by actively listening, understanding and responding to his utterances and babblings.

He may also express an interest in two-way communication. It's often found in small group of kids.

Your baby can now follow a number of actions and mimic word sounds and intonations.

By the end of 11th month, your baby masters many words and expressions by closely watching you and your spouse.

Social Changes

Your baby understands many things now and relates the experience before attempting new ones. He also understands your commands and verbal instructions easily.

He may deliberately choose to ignore you when you say "NO" to him. Disciplining babies often start by using the word "NO". But, many kids may choose to simply ignore your verbal commands and carry on with their work as usual.

Your baby's desire to explore and probe things and objects is stronger than his liking to listen to your warnings and instructions. So, it is entirely up to you to find a suitable way to teach him.

He may also like to see and watch people and places. It makes good sense on your part to take him for a leisurely walk or travel down to a crowded place, where he can watch people and what they do.

Top Tips

Your child likes to look at colorful alphabet and picture books. In fact, he can even start murmuring to himself, while browsing through the pages of the book. Give him plenty colorful books and magazines from which can pick up mental skills and social lessons.

Remember that the mastering the baby milestones only happen under perfectly normal situations, and most of babies going through this process may take their own time to reach suggested performance milestones.

If you feel that your baby is not reaching the standard milestones even after reaching 11 month, consult your doctor immediately to seek proper guidelines and solutions. Alternatively, first try the advice in
this resource.

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