Thursday, February 12, 2009

HaPPY 1st BiRthdaY to AzzaHRaa!



8th February 2009

Waa..Zahra dah besar lar..
Azzahraa (princess of my fren Zura : was Carliff's school/classmate..
She's just one month older than Carliff..
But look at her..way too smart dan dah bleh jalan pon..(since she was 10th mos)

Our birthday card for her

Birthday card for ONE year old baby semua kiut-miut
But i choose the kiutest ones-lah

From Uncle, Carliff (centre lipstick finger print) and Aunty..

This was the present we bought her:
PInky2 POm2 Hippooo...!!!
Super KIUT!!!

Enjoy your first birthday dear..

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