Friday, February 20, 2009

DiscHaRGinG Stress??

Me : Hai Dr. Tan

Dr : Hello..Hey..Carliff!!

Me : U can remember his name hah?

Dr : Definately. So wat's wrong? U looks bad u know?

Me : Hah!? Bad aaa? How bad??

Dr : Your face looks pale..i mean..u look sick!

Me : Lately i've a bad headache ..feel like knocking my head to the wall..when i take Panadol or a Pain Killer, it's gone..then after an hour or two it came back! Sometime i
throw out, feel dizzy as if the sky is goin to fall on me... :(

Dr : I see..just wondering ya..are u stress??

Me : Me? Stress?? Err...No-lah! Errr..may be?? i think no-lah

Dr : Is there soemething borthering you lately??

Me : My eyes, my view is quite blurr lately..cant see clearly..

Dr : Your face show me some sign of stress in you. Your eye bag a bit darker, your face
looks pale, dry skin, did you have enuf sleep?

Me : Not lately. This little guy caught hot fever and even refused to take milk or eat.

Dr : Hmm..OK, i'll check him later..and regarding your eyes..highly recommend you to go
and see optometris..mungkin sebab tu u sakit kepala juga..

Me : OK...
(and the stories go on..)

I sakit kepala yang amat lately..Carliff plak demam panas..(i wonder if he's goin to walk or wat? )

Aduhh, tak dak masa nak rehat peacefully..Ini lah yang membuatkan I slalu berdoa..minta diberikan kesempurnaan diri dan kesihatan yang baik..supaya i dapat menjaga Carliff kalau-kalau dia demam or sakit (Kalau boleh minta dijauhkan) at least untill he knows how to handle himself..Sebabnya sangat lah letih kalau i dan dia sakit pada masa yang sama..dia merap and manja sangat and refuse others (even his Dad) to handle him except me and only me!! Very mommy-son dude!

Regarding my Stress..i dont have anything to stress about..masalah yang kecik yang remeh-temeh tuh, i tak nak lah pikir hubby said jangan pikir benda2 yang mengarut-karut..pikir lah tentang benda-benda yang best.., benda-benda yang i suka ke, yang cantik2 ke, at least somthing yang bleh buat i happy..

So here are my happy very own way of discharging stress..

1) Planning and Managing a Birthday Party for Carliff and my sis (they was born on the same date! -6th of March!) i suka party!!

2) I'm goin to celebrate my birthday soon (this March also) Yeaaaa...i suka birthday time..

3) Berangan habis nak gi shopping kat Jakarta-Bandung...i suka travel & jalan2..

4) SHOPPINGGGGGGGGG!!! Hmmm...retail therapy remember?

5) I'm going to cut my hair...who knows it can kick the pain away??

6) Dan paling penting i dikelilingi oleh orang-orang yang i matter wat happen..

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