Monday, February 9, 2009

anotheR iD inspiRations

Kawan baek i..yg sangat baek ittiew mengepos email dan menyenaraikan blog-blog yang penoh dengan warna warnie ID inspirations..I suka sangat. The fact that kawan baek i tiew tahu kesukaan i..citarasa i yang lebih kurang sama dengan diyer..sunggoh menyenangkan hearty. Thanks Endang..u i kategorikan sebagai kawan2 dan orang2 dan benda2 yang dapat menyenangkan hearty dan perasaan i..

And below are some of the pixxies that really catch my eyes (unfortunately dah lupa from which blogs i get this from..and the list yg Endang bagi tiew so longggg)...this is just a few yg i sempat baca ..more to come and share later k?

I slalu berangan nak duduk rumah macam nih..
and the dreams keep going on..till now..
Best kan..syokkknya..

The blues in a white

I really like this whitish Billboard

This green theme really suit Mr Carliff's room.
But from whre should i start hah?
May be by finding him such colourful frames
for a wall deco..Hmmm...

I really2 need this kind of rack and personal corner like this
for my stuff..!!

Piece of art that captured my heart
Making me feel cool and breezy

This one is OK too..
Simply unique and menarik

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