Sunday, February 22, 2009

MiRRoR, MiRRoR on The WaLL, Whose The Cutest of em' ALL??

Ever since he knew and started to noticed and being consious whether i stay closed to him or not..Carliff's like making a noise while searching around..and kind of asking "Whre's mommy?? Mommy?? My Mommy??" or somthing like that..with his own language which i lately about to understand the meaning, that he is actually was looking for me!!

As a mother, my inner instinct telling me that he just cant live without me..(unless, he's at the nursery-may be because he used to it..or when he's with his daddy-itupun tak lebih dari one hour or..he's soo preoccupied with his toys and stuff-usually,no longer than 20 minutes, untill started to make that kind of noise again..)

And because of that, i had to make my self invisible-quickly out of his view, if i want to go to the fitting room..toilets or sorting stuff whenever we were out for shopping..

Below are some of his pixxies captured by my hubby at GUESS Boutique while he's playing and talking to himself in the mirror while i'm doin some fitting..which only last about 5 minutes..before i can hardly hear some familiar voice outside, crying for his mommy.. he miss me huh?!

So..with regards to these current situation, are u guys suggesting me to bring him to Bandung??
OR Is it ok if i left him with his maktok?

Do you think we can survive that 5 days without seeing each other??
Wat a nightmare...

"Hai there,i'm your twin brother,"

"I know, i'm the cutest of them all,"

"OH wait, Daddy, where's mommy??"

"I want my mommy..waaaaa,"

and Yet i boUght This shoeS

As a PADINI card member, i can enjoy up to 30% discount on any PADINI Group of companies item every MARCH cause its the month of my birthday!! And after looking around..this pair of shoes are the only things that caught my eyes...

Its Simple and Silver

Comfortable and Formal

Saturday, February 21, 2009

One SWEET daY at Pak Tok's Haus

I cant remember when this pixxies wre taken
...but its somewhere around January i guess..
and look at him..growing up as one fine sweet little BOY..
(U'll never know how much Mommy loves you son..)

I'm Touch!!

I received this wonderful email
from my BFF
and i'm so truely, deeply touch!!
Thanks Endang! May God bless u always!!!

Doa For YOU..
(for me, for her and all of you too)

Ya Allah,
The lady reading this is
beautiful, classy and strong, and I love her.
Help her live her life to the fullest.

Please promote her
and cause her to excel above her expectations.
Help her shine in the darkest places where it is impossible to love.

Protect her at all times,
lift her up when she needs you the most, and
let her know when she walks with you,
She will always be safe.

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin

Love you

Friday, February 20, 2009

DiscHaRGinG Stress??

Me : Hai Dr. Tan

Dr : Hello..Hey..Carliff!!

Me : U can remember his name hah?

Dr : Definately. So wat's wrong? U looks bad u know?

Me : Hah!? Bad aaa? How bad??

Dr : Your face looks pale..i mean..u look sick!

Me : Lately i've a bad headache ..feel like knocking my head to the wall..when i take Panadol or a Pain Killer, it's gone..then after an hour or two it came back! Sometime i
throw out, feel dizzy as if the sky is goin to fall on me... :(

Dr : I see..just wondering ya..are u stress??

Me : Me? Stress?? Err...No-lah! Errr..may be?? i think no-lah

Dr : Is there soemething borthering you lately??

Me : My eyes, my view is quite blurr lately..cant see clearly..

Dr : Your face show me some sign of stress in you. Your eye bag a bit darker, your face
looks pale, dry skin, did you have enuf sleep?

Me : Not lately. This little guy caught hot fever and even refused to take milk or eat.

Dr : Hmm..OK, i'll check him later..and regarding your eyes..highly recommend you to go
and see optometris..mungkin sebab tu u sakit kepala juga..

Me : OK...
(and the stories go on..)

I sakit kepala yang amat lately..Carliff plak demam panas..(i wonder if he's goin to walk or wat? )

Aduhh, tak dak masa nak rehat peacefully..Ini lah yang membuatkan I slalu berdoa..minta diberikan kesempurnaan diri dan kesihatan yang baik..supaya i dapat menjaga Carliff kalau-kalau dia demam or sakit (Kalau boleh minta dijauhkan) at least untill he knows how to handle himself..Sebabnya sangat lah letih kalau i dan dia sakit pada masa yang sama..dia merap and manja sangat and refuse others (even his Dad) to handle him except me and only me!! Very mommy-son dude!

Regarding my Stress..i dont have anything to stress about..masalah yang kecik yang remeh-temeh tuh, i tak nak lah pikir hubby said jangan pikir benda2 yang mengarut-karut..pikir lah tentang benda-benda yang best.., benda-benda yang i suka ke, yang cantik2 ke, at least somthing yang bleh buat i happy..

So here are my happy very own way of discharging stress..

1) Planning and Managing a Birthday Party for Carliff and my sis (they was born on the same date! -6th of March!) i suka party!!

2) I'm goin to celebrate my birthday soon (this March also) Yeaaaa...i suka birthday time..

3) Berangan habis nak gi shopping kat Jakarta-Bandung...i suka travel & jalan2..

4) SHOPPINGGGGGGGGG!!! Hmmm...retail therapy remember?

5) I'm going to cut my hair...who knows it can kick the pain away??

6) Dan paling penting i dikelilingi oleh orang-orang yang i matter wat happen..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SoMthing New FOR BABy C!!

Some newbies for Carliff's

One- An Elmo Follow Me Book from Borders

Two- Rider Baby Sandals from Al-Ikhsan

Three-Mega Blocks from Toys R Us


Carliff's loves Elmo and this elmo book cover are made from velvet..
Super cool!!

A rider sandal for a real rider..haha

And this mega blocks to enhance his motor skills,
social development, learn about colors and shape,
imagination, confidence and math and science..

Monday, February 16, 2009

His BIRTHday's coming SOOn....

6th March is coming!!!!

OH MY..i just cant believe that he's goin to turn
ONE year old this soon..??

I can still remember the day that i'm trying my very all to push him out, the "undiscribable" pain the i've been through a week before it's coming, the heat and hot of the labour room ..(eventho they switch on both air conditioner and fan) and yet it's already one year now?
How time flies..and i'm rasing a big boy now.. :)


Psst: I'm planning a birthday party..yeah!

Friday, February 13, 2009

FisH N ChiPs wif SS n C

Date : 4th February 2009

Venue : Dave Deli's Qbay Mall

One and a half man


Apa tengok2??

HuH!! (soo serious)

My FNC..yummy..

"Hello Encik, its the end of office hour ya,can we eat now?"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

HaPPY 1st BiRthdaY to AzzaHRaa!



8th February 2009

Waa..Zahra dah besar lar..
Azzahraa (princess of my fren Zura : was Carliff's school/classmate..
She's just one month older than Carliff..
But look at her..way too smart dan dah bleh jalan pon..(since she was 10th mos)

Our birthday card for her

Birthday card for ONE year old baby semua kiut-miut
But i choose the kiutest ones-lah

From Uncle, Carliff (centre lipstick finger print) and Aunty..

This was the present we bought her:
PInky2 POm2 Hippooo...!!!
Super KIUT!!!

Enjoy your first birthday dear..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My HoMe SweeT Home

I've never bring u close to me like this before..but here are the sneak preview of my place that is soo called

Part of My Living Hall

Bit oF the Corner

In the Dungeon

(Flower sticker from : IKEA)

MY BedRoom

-...Hati, PeRasaaN, FikiRaN dan Itu Dan Ini...-

Dah lama rasanya I tak menulis (merepek) panjang. Lately perasaan yang ada di dalam diri, hati ni bercampur-baur. Tak sedap hati sebenarnya. Tak tahu kepada siapa dan apa yang nak jadi pulak. Tapi memang tak sedap hati..dan tak terpikir plak tentang siapa-siapa yang mengakibatkan perasaan tak sedap hati nih. Ntah. Minta di jauhkan berlaku kepada orang-orang yang i sayang...

I malas nak layan perasaan nih. Takut berbekas dan tak tentu arah. Perasaan nih bukan boleh dilayan sangat. Buat bawak dan mendatangkan penyakit. Penyakit hati..sakit hati..ikut hati..Mati! dan I masih tak cukup bekal nak bawak mati..(apa ke hal nya I merepek nih??)

Lain hal..Ada ketikanya I rasa macam nak MENANGIS meraung-raung (sekuat hati!! People close to me do noticed that I’m deadly fragile..mudah tersentuh..senang menangis-even hal remeh-temeh dan kadang-kadang tak masuk akal pon menangis jugak!) Ada ketikanya waktu sembahyang pon..usai membaca Fatihah dalam rakaat pertama, berderai-derai airmata membasahi telekung..(Wah! So flowery ayat nih..dah jiwang plak!..but simply true..that’s wat I feel) Ada masanya jugak di tikar sejadah saat sujud di rakaat terakhir terasa tak mampu nak panggung kepala (banyak sangat yang I minta2 dari_Nya, dan terasa berat dosa juga)..

Yang I sedihkan kadang-kadang..terasa hidup ni sunggoh UNFAIR! Mengenang diri dan keluarga, cita-cita, cinta dan rindu…Mak, Suami, Anak, dia dan dia…Begitu halnya dengan kerjaya i..yang masih belum berdiri kukuh..kegoyahan bagai dahan menanti rapuh!! (sungguh Unfair bila kita yg terkejar-kejar cita-cita kerja bagai nak gila..semua arahan, bagilah apa saja..semua buat tapi orang yang dah ada kerja boleh main-main aja..suka-suka buat kerja sambil lewa, suka-suka tak datang kerja, suka-suka keluar masuk waktu pejabat..arghhhhhhh…I tak sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!)

Dan lain-lain perkara yang menyesakkan kepala..(Keluarga, Hal Ehwal Kawan-Kawan yang penuh dengan gossip sensasi dan kejutan, Ekonomi, Politik semasa dan bla, bla,bla..Adoiii…I sudah tua rupanya…)

Kadang-kadang terasa mahu kecil kembali..jadi tak perlu fikir dan serisau begini..Mahu juga ke dunia remaja..dapat menebus segala dosa, menyemai cita-cita dan kembali mengejar cinta..?? (I selalu doakan yang terbaik buat orang yang I cinta..dan kalau I bukan yang terbaik (I tahu), walaupun pahit untuk diterima maka terpaksalah di telan jua..). Tapi kalau dah tak tahan bau segar hijau rumput di sebelah sana..pergilah..i dah tak kuasa..

Ada saatnya juga I rasa seperti nak ketawa sepuas hati (sampai berjuling-guling mahunya..Lately enjoy sangat baca blog : Tijah menggeletek hati, mengusik jiwa..very natural, hidup seadanya, jadi diri sendiri as if she had no problem at all..bestnya Kak Tijah..)
Banyak keletah dan gelagat manusia yang kalau di ingat dan di fikir boleh jadi bahan hilai ketawa..Cuma tak mahu terlebih layan..kang nanti tak pasal2 jadi macam orang gila..dan orang kata kalau dah terlampau seronok sangat akibatnya nak menangis lah pula nanti jawabnya. Pengalaman hampir setahun membesarkan Carliff ada ketika dia mampu buat I ketawa gembira dan I tahu dari itu dia lah penawar duka tika lara. Huhu..

Ok..i bukannya tak bersyukur..bersyukurrrrrrr sangat-sangat.Ada husband yang super-baik dan sangat sayangkan i. I swear I know that. Husband yang rajin..well dress, good looking..(just lately since he reach his 3 series..he’s soo..serious, sensitive, garang and very into daddy-things and i cant accept u layan cerita ROZANA??)..and I wont ask for more..( I've stop asking wat?)

I bersyukur juga kerana ada anak yang super cute..(even lately manja dan merap dah mula aktif mengemas rumah dan dah belajar menapak one step and two..fuhh letih!!) setelah hampir 4 tahun berkahwin, kelahirannya bagaikan satu rahmat. Tak sabar nak celebrate his first birthday pada 6th Mac ini. Dan terdetik pula keinginan nak ber-anak lagi. Haha. (Dont think so)

Maka harapnya yang sudah tu sudah lah..i tak harap lebih dari hidup berbahagia..dan kalau tak pon menumpang bahagia...OH GOD please lapangkan hati i nih..i tak suka dengan hati, perasaan dan fikiran yang tak sedap sebegini..bagaikan menyemai benih benci..antara yang mutlak dan hakiki..sedangkan realiti tak seindah MIMPI....dan di depan mata menduakan kita dengan ilusi..
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