Friday, January 16, 2009

"To KL wif LoVes"

31st December 2008-Wednesday
Travel to KL
8.30 am from Penang-Arrived Damansara Mutiara @ 13.03pm

Uols mesti dah tak sbar2 nak tunggu I buat posting pasal my KL trip kan? Haha..I kno..I can even read the instict of those whose eager to know about this and that..biasalah tuh..(same here) Come on lah..don’t tell me u tak penah bzz body about others..unless u r heartless..Hahah..

Ok..i hope u guys enjoy the pixs and my up coming posting about our KL trip..i'm not going to write the whole details..i'm soriii!!! (pronounce it like Amir Raja Lawak s:3)...lately..tahap kemalasan yg amat so sooo lazy to be descriptive..and so so so lazy to do the thinking, the typing...

So we when to KL..on 31st Dec 2008, Wednesday..(i took a longggg year end break)

Wake up at 5.45am to prepare Carliff porridge, iron tudung and my hubby shirt, sidai baju and stuff before step into my room around 6.30am seiing cute little eyes blinking while saying..da da da..(sound like kind of cute rhtym) dah put him into shower..and get dress..and after everythings ready.. here we go..

In the car..wif mr blurr morning face

Yawning..really need to go back to sleep

Approaching Penang Bridge..
sun start to shine us both

Sleepy face

The i want to interframe too "supir-rio"

Drive carefully Dad!

I loves to see sun rise in the morning, cantik!

The well known Penang Bridge

And this man is all ready to starts work..

Traffic is smooth on both way

Budak kecik pon dah tidor...

Like always..Adorable!!

So nyenyak..i can even snap the pix of his upper toothies

May be its still early,
there re only few car on the highway that morning

Stop at Bukit Merah for breakfast,
Carliff wake up for his milk and diapers change and
we get back to hway at 9.45am

I snap this pix for no reason..
Anyway, its part of Perhentian Bukit Merah landscaping
that catch my eyes..

10am and its getting hot, sunny and cloudy..

Heading towards Ipoh Tunnel

Inside the tunnel

End of it and ya...
this is where i feel so sleepy and leaving hubby
mumbling alone..

Just trying to catch that Bank Rakyat signboard
(if only u could really see)

I kno we are about to reach KL when i see this
Sungai Buloh Overhead Brigde restaurant

On my left ladies and gentleman,
Hospital Sungai Buloh

After 3 times of wake up and sleep and sleep again,
he wake up wif this boring face and slip down standing
while holding my knee

When i told him that we re almost thre,
he gave me this look! ;)

and again!


We reached KL dengan selamatnya..

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achik fina said...

Comell nyer si carliff yang blurrrrr..hahahaha

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