Saturday, January 10, 2009

SeaFooD at the SeaSide

24th December 2008-Wednesday
MarTon SEAFood Restaurant..Bayan Bay

C that building behind thre?
That's GOLD COAST Resort house..
and our's just situated in front of that bloks..
Sbb dah lama tak makan ikan bakar, and dah abis pikir
tak tau nak dinner katna...
we decide pegi makan kat tempat palingggggggggggggg
dekattttttttttttt dgan umah kitaorg..
Kat MARTON..hmmm funny names..
( they R brothers..the other one owned by the other brother names...
HAMMER! Lawak! )

We went there after Maghrib.. people starts
coming within this time

Seaside mood..very the' layannnnn...

Here come the main actors

In action motion..hahah

Wif baby bites in hand


Ok..Dadddy pon comeL gak!! Hehe..

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