Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My TEN MonTHs BOY can DRive now??

6th January 2009

Hello Achik, Carliff pon ada kereta baru...

Jangan jealous..ni bukan kereta Pesona taw..

tapi kereta ->Ni NO Nana..-Hahah

Bapaku pulang dari kota..

Bapaku belikan kereta..

Kereta kecil warna merah..

Bolehku bawa ke sekolah..

(Sing along everybody..)

POn, Pon, POn........

Kereta kecilku berbunyi

Marilah Achik mari naik,

Bolehku bawa jumpa awek..upps!

Super cute ride!

Mommy let go back and visit Mak tOk!

Carliff rindu Mak tok lar..

BUt first, lets pimp my ride..

to Evo 8!! Haha..

10 MOnths Baby Development

Most babies should be able to . . .

Stand holding on to someone or something
Walk holding onto furniture
Pull up to standing position from sitting
Wave goodbye
Crawl well
Use thumb and finger pincer grasp to pick things up

Some babies will probably be able to . . .

Say mama and dada to the right parents
Understand the word no but doesn’t always obey it
Respond to own name
Indicate what he or she wants with gestures other than crying
Stand alone momentarily

Some babies could possibly be able to . . .

Drink from a cup independently
Stand alone well
Play ball and patty cake
Walk for a step or two
Say one word other than mama or dada
Put toys or object into a container


hOOdedLicIOUS said...

Baby_C looks really really cute in that car..

C!K N@N@ said...

Kak Za, kcik takut.. :(

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