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KL ->DAy Two-Meet The COUsiNS, Cats & Auntie

31st Dec & 1st January 2008

As we land ourselves overnite in my in laws place, Carliff had a blast happy hour wif the cousins-Brother Iman Hardiff and sis Amna Najla (the only cousins that Carliff had- bt not untill Kak Chik pop out his little one soon..this March). They get together very well as they play and have so much fun -specially the boys.
Later after that, we when out for a dinner..whre my hubby and brother do lots of brotherly talk while us-the wifey had a mother, girls time together. Then, we went to nearby Giant to get some stuff for Carliff before headed home for sucha comfy sleep. Yes, I feel tired but this long way journey that we had together as a three, Worth it!!!


Iman HAdiff & AMna Najla

About to enter school soon..
CAnt believe he's so that grown up..

MeeT uncle AMie

Wish u could present me smile
like them..adooiiii..
whose son is this haaaa?

I wish i had more kids..hmmm?
But not now lar..

Us again..


For the very first time also Carliff got a chance to be up close and personal wif cat (they have four cats). Hmmm..the facts that "I’m not a Cat /pet-person/animal friendly" (Coz they kind of freakin me out most of the time other than I sgat la geliii dgan benda2 yg berbulu, bersisik dan semuanya-I just cant ok?!!) making me quite ya~~thinking..wether to allow Carliff to expose wif this cat things..

Yaaaa..I do admits that cat is adorable, cute tame animals buttt..its just really not my things (even i had tried my very best to touch it pon still cannotttt ).. But for me to say NO to him when I saw his reactions towards cat, quite- tak sampai hati lar…as I believe it’s the learning process for him to know, learn and appriciates other life being. So I ask hubby to supervise him as who knows he might be inherit my hubby passion towards cats and living me behind hiding like a coward rats..(sbb i takut n gelii sgat ngan kucing my hubby used to address me -Ratatouille-remember animation pixar bout a rat that can cook very well? Ceh!)

And this cat name is : SHAWN

Here comes the dol..hahah

Hello Shawn..I'm Carliff!

Thiii Kitty, kitty..

and Shawn replied : Hai Little Fella..


I would like to introduce to uols my in laws a.k.a my biras (in Malays) Kak Alia.

We took this pixar when we are about to leave their home and she wif the family is getting ready to attend the kenduri..(and i shouldnt talk bout this kenduri more)..

As i had about a series of pixar of us i tot it would be nice to put along wif this post...even its in the diffrent events.

I do her make up for the kenduri..Lawa la skali skala akak make up :)

During Kak Chik's Wedding

Ladies in Pink-During Kak Chik's Engagement

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