Sunday, January 18, 2009

KL -> Day Two-Pavillion, CoFFee BReak and uS aLL

5 hours++ time that we spend wallking around Pavillion..not only making my heels feel like killing me..(i'm walking in my 4 inch stilettos u kno..aghhhh..), i also feel tired and thirsty..

After changed Carliff's diaper and shirt (for the second time) and make him milk (also for the second time)..i really hope to get some rest and a sip of nice smell of coffee to burst my energy level and to feel the mode of relaxation.

So here we are at the Pavillion Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf

I'm having my all time favourite Caramel Ice-Blended wif extra Caramel..
Heaven i tell you..

Lately hubby crave over Cappuchino and Blueberry Cheese Cake

The table setting..

Carliff 's having a blast too..wif his very own milk shake..Haha

I feel so bless that i hve them in my life

MY man

Wif his brand new GUEES? shoes

Me in my FOREVER 21 and GUESS? jeans
and Baby_C in ESPRIT Kids and BABY PONEY pants

After a break, we continue shopping before went back to our rest house,
and yes after we change Carliff shirt, we kind of in the dark BLACK theme..
(thanks to ESPRITS Kids-dah lama i cari black shirt for him)

Loves this pix! Carliff looks yummy like a sweet fruit pie..

Just the three of us..

Daddy's wearing Carliff-ADIDAS Baby Bag

Can i carry my own bag Dad?

We let him loose out from the sling..

As he started to feel sleepy..we then headed home

And he slept peacefully in the car and back home..

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