Sunday, January 18, 2009

KL ->Day TwO-Pavillion anD The GLAM MODE!

1st January 2009-Thursday

I'm soriii (pronoun it like Aamir)..di atas kelewatan i buat posting hari2 seterusnya me n family di KL..ntah lah, lately rasa cepat letih dan ngantok..takde mood...and bla, bla..


Here comes the best part of my storyline. Where we went to shop and chill and hang at the Pavillion (for our very first time). Syiokkk! Ok, Ok, I’m not only happy sangat, SANGAT…tapi perasaan “BEST” tuh..undescribable-lah (oh, my lovely viewers sekalian, kalu baca posting ni…please excuse my Manglish yang berterabur nih! Like wat I’ve told Hajar before, I write like I talk..and most of the time..sebab kalut…cakap pon selalu berterabur! and i'm not well verse in English but at least i'm plis g kondem jauh2.. )

Before this I only learn and heard about Pavillion thru my GLAM Mags, bloggers, frens and colleague..More or less it has been described as our own Malaysian version of KOTA MILAN…Wah! But been able to witness all this big-huge house of international labels stand in a row..across the street wif my very own eyes…hmmm…kind of such a good feeling burst inside me…( KLCC pon ada all this brand lines but the aou'ra of GLAM mode is moreeeee here).

I’m proud that Malaysian nowadays are able to spend on this big labels, that they are more fashion conscious, fashion alerts and care about what they wear and how they carry themselves (eventho ada jugak yang masih berkira nak beli baju RM50 untuk diri sendiri. Huh! Xfaham haku!).
Dan walaupun I’m still cannot effort to buy any of this brands (-yet-not this time)..But someday foresure I’ll get one!

I Loves U both 4ever n ever

Below are few great shots taken in front of our FAv Boutique
Louis Vuitton-a French luxury fashion and leather goods brand and company, one of the main divisions of LVMH headquartered in Paris, France.
Enjoy the pixs :)

Next- series of photos captured inside The Pavillion wif some of my favourite labels..TOD's, GUCCI, PRADA..and etc-real shopping heaven!
(i lov the fact that i still look good even after popping out little one
hmmm..perasan kan? Haha..)

My husband sukaaaaaa Rihanna-and it shows
thru his smile..

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