Sunday, January 18, 2009

KL -> Day Two-Pavillion and ArtiStiC MommenTO

Terlalu banyak sweet memories di hari kedua kami di KL..dan di antara yang masih/akan dikenang...adalah moment di saat bertemu dengan sesuatu yg begitu rasa "kecintaan"-nya. this is my/our "Artistic Mommento"...

People and frens who knew me well..they can tell you how much i'm very into arts..yg betapa i sangat suka melukis dan berkarya..mewarna dan merencana...melakar dan menulis..dan segala2 semua seni yg ada (except music-i cannot play even one little instrument tau dak?..notes pon xtau baca!)..and i guess its all already my blood..running thru my veins..cuma "kesayangan"-nya...bakat yg i ada tuh..just terperok kat situ..tak develop langsung...Moreover, wat i'm doin now for life...tak dak kena mengena langsung dgan art..which was a huge waste..kan? (So...syok2 sendiri thing-a ling-a ling)..

And wat i've found in Pavillion-really sangat mengubat rindu di hati...There's one art exhibitions happen around there..ada pameran 'Paper Fashion' dari Paris/jualan lukisan dari Jepun..and i sukaaaaaaaaaaaa sangat...rasa macam tak mau balik!! (Heheh..ketaksuban melanda diri!!)

So here are some of our "Artistic MommentO" together-gether!

This is my favourite art piece..LURvin it!!!
but its way too expensive to bought back home..huhu..

Both of us pon suka this yellow-falls art mode
(and Mommy know Carliff suka the other one..)

Cantikk sangat..very elegance and very couture touch..
and if uols notice the gown are made from papers..

Unique and artistic-very in-me!!

Carliff like this one..haha..too young to understand wat's art-all about..Anyway darling, that's what we call sculpture

U both super cute lar! and u too Mr RED..

There's also Christmas Gift Sale
goin on..

The christmas view inside Pavillion

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