Sunday, January 18, 2009

KL -> Day Three-KLCC

2nd JanuarY 2009-FridaY

Today...we tour around KLCC..i tak sabar sangat dah nak gi borong kasut, get brand new sunnies and hubby plak nak cari somthing new kat ZARA MEN Boutique..and sebab sibuk dengan wishlist masing2..i tak sempat nak capture banyak pixs..but all in all..that was a very fine 3rd shopping days for us..and we enjoyyyy sangat...

KLCC inside view

HUbby said, " U control senyum,"
I replied, " Sukahati.." ;b

Susah nak maintain tudung,often been pulled
by this little man..
"Dah senget lar tudung Mommy ni nakkk,"

BZz as usual

Romper By CARTER's and Jeans by BABY PONEY

Hey U!!

Smiley face

" Masamnya muka..uu,"

Back to business

1 comment:

hOOdedLicIOUS said...

He's so yummy sweet pumpkin pie..pinjam ayat ko..thee hee..

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