Saturday, January 17, 2009

KL ->Day One-To IKEA and THE CURVE

31st December 2008, Wednesday..

Sampai jer KL our first destination to be IKEA and THE CURVE..for lunch and shopping semestinya! As my bro-in laws working dat day (plus we actually dont kno how to get to his new haus..since he moved to BUkit Jalil) we had at least untill 5.00pm to spend time there. Oooo...suka sngat lah!

Hubby borong sakan di IKEA..Kononnya most of the items very suits his ID taste (nanti kalu rajen will create post bout hubby IKEA craze and wat he bought there). So the shopping mode run smoothly..(sampai lupa yg kitaorg baru ja smpai tadi pas 5 jam on the road..Gosh!!) But as it's "school holidays" now, org ramai, long Q at the counters and all agak merimaskan i..lucky si kecik tu memberikan kerjasama yg baik dgan tidor peacefully in the ringslings..Kesian..letih..

After that, we went to THE CURVE and this is where i met IKRAM DINZLY-the actor (i dont even kno how to spell his name) in GUESS boutique..and seems like wondering to choose between red or grey luggage bag..and asked my opinion bout it ( for sure i suroh dia pilih the red ones! hehe..)

Then, we went to Parkson to get somthing new for Carliff from BABY PONEY..(Ohhh..other than GUESS KIds, BABY GAP, ESPRIT Kids, LEVIS KIds..i suka BABY PONEY brand...cute miut baby line dia! Loooike it vewy2 much dooo..)

Check out from THE CURVE at about 5.30pm before headed to Bukit Jalil!

Enjoy the pixs ya..

My hubby's in WonderLAnd!


Carliff first visit to IKEA

We should be a shopping partner sooner or later..

Upss..i got this blurrr..


When Dad's do the carrying..
Mommy's do the? SHOPPING!

And when Dad's do the posing..its always mommy's that's snapping..Tak aci maa..

My bOO and Baa..

I cant remember the name of this boutique
i just kind of like their ad campaign,
like a mural..graffiti stuff like that..

oN way out, we caught in traffic jam,
and its about to rain..

THE CURVE Damansara

Towards LDP Expressway to Sunway
this is wat We've done..hehe

Come on show your teeth like me..

Traffic's getting worst when we reach Bukit Jalil.Worst then Penang meh..Aiyahhhh!! The whole Malaysia also jam now aaaa..

Stadium Bukit Jalil, tuan2 & puan2

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