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KL -> Day FouR-One UtaMa, JUST THAI and GooDByE

3rd January 2009

Saturday is the day we went back home. Even though I swear that KL is the best shopping heaven, but it’s definitely not a home-my place to me. I’ll come here to shop but if you ask me to settle down here..quite a no-no..(tapi tak tahu lah kalu esok2 ada rezeki kat KL..terpaksalah pindah jugak!-if possible I don’t want to!) I still prefer to stay in Penang..other than dah beli rumah kat sini..i just fall in love wif it..the people, the food, the sea breeze…and all..and yaa… its like u been cursed! " Once u step in Penang, u’ll never turn back!" Lurvin it! Pull Stop.

Getting ready to check out

At the balcony for a last view..(Actually this is our second time here)

And of course we will be back!

Back to KL, we check out from the Putra Court (Bank Rakyat Rest House) at about 12.00pm..leaving behind the town headed to Damansara to One Utama (OU). I suggested that we take lunch at my favourite spot- JUST THAI Restaurant.

The Restaurant & The Menu

(Pixs from the net)

Water melon for hubby
Apple for me

I feel thirsty now..

My Extremely Hot Tom Yam Noodles

Bleh menangis makan nih tau..

(Donnu why lately tak leh tahan makan pedass..)

Fried Rice in a Pineapple..Sedapp sangat!

Carliff wearing BABY GUESS?

Hubby wif ZARA MEN

Come on-lah smile like Daddy..

Can i place my order mom?

Yes, my dear..

Jemput makan..

There's a huge mirror next to us..such a nice and cozy interior design

Family PORtrait

Oh Come on-Carliff..

Dan si kecik pon buat sabotage lagii..heheh..

Al-kisah..JUST THAI Restaurant a place where hubby and i used to makan2 masa dating dolu-dolu..and this is like mengimbas nostalgia la konon..hahah..Belows u will see our oldies pixs yg I masih simpan waktu dating dulu till now (masih muda remaja waktu tuh-i nampak gemok skit kan? That time still study kat UITM lagi)..Fuhh…romantic kan I? Hahah..Ok, Ok u can laugh too..But seriously u will never know how miracle a relationship been builds..through hello, dating, loving, engaging, wedding...oh GOD, i feel soooooo blessed!

NOW Back to the future-Masa I tengah makan and enjoying my TomYam Noodles, hubby bring Carliff out through the back exit. There’s a place like a reserved Rainforest area where u can feel urself touring inside the small forest, see lots of fishes inside the aquarium ( Carliff most favourite) and feed the koi fish in the pond. I quickly finish up my meals and join them to enjoy the cool and fresh touch of nature.

In the forest inside the Mall

FRom the back entrace of JUST THAI


Carliff look here lar..Aiiyah u..

Fishes in the tank..soooo giliiii..

Later then, we thought about bringing Carliff to Baby-Gym on the upper level, the way Zura described dalam sms smalam macam best jer tempat tuh..but by the time we reached kecik tu dah tertidor..alar..sian dia. Soon after that, decided to go to Ikea (once again!!) before take off home.

We reached Penang around 10pm and I feel save to be home once sweet home-the place whre we belongs to be…Alhamdulillah...THE END.

Lega finally abis jugak crita KL series nih..Fuhh! MORE to come after this..

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C!K N@N@ said...

I think baby C dah tembam!! Kui, kui... Cumel sgt cuma mahal sungguh senyumannya... :)

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