Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'LL stay FOREVER 21!

Somewhre around Dec, during Friday lunch time break, Kak Tini, Kak Hira, Ani & me...
we when to Qbay Mall for shopping..

Gempak actually bila kuar shopping dengan diorang nih..specially they all memang kaki + gila shopping..

Kak Hira..u can can almost ask everything bout Baby Boutique and stuffs..suma dia tahu..somemore, she enjoy jalan2 cari mkan..suma tempat mkan pon dia n out of Penang..!

Wif Kak Tini..we shared the same interest in GUESS? and Gap cloths and attires..sama gila barang branded cam i and we both sangt suka online shopping..geng sangt lah!

Ani..all i can said so far about her..she like shoes..even had specific shoes for specific events..i tell u she even had special shoes only 'untuk g ziarah kubur' ja..haha..scary but funny! (jagn marah tau Ani..tapi kes kasut kubur tuh mmg lawak!)

Just unfortunate for Ani that day..she had to go home earlier after received an emergency call from home..

So, pas jalan2..from one outlet to another, we land ourselves in FOREVER21 boutique. I end up bought myself 2 be wear during my visits to KL soon..lagipun dah lama tak updates wardrobes..

The F21 boutique. Pix taken from Google image

Black n white floral top. Thanks Kak Tini..
i nearly miss this to her

The material used is very soft and tender..
i also like the end bubble style..

The fab and stunning-
Black Sequince Tunic

Something special bout F21 is that they are very creative in designing their
brand labels. Like this tunic,
the label has a cute ribbons on it..

The silver sequince details..

This beige chiffon top has a diamonte trim infront.
This is also from F21 but got it from my earlier visit to this boutque
wif hubby and Baby-C

OK dis is not from F21 but from my other fav boutique
which is MANGO aka MNG..

I suka this top sbb kaler pink buruk (very me), the black sequince details
on both shoulder and it's long enuf to cover my bottom part..
Suka sngat2 lah!


My Indulgenze said...

hi mummy
i also lovelove f21 and mng!!!
i got like 10 pieces from f21 recently and my sis another 15 pieces for cny...gila right!!! hahaaa...but i love that dusky mng one...not a sale item right?

AiZa'S said...

hello jammie..
glad that we shared the same interest..
ya..the pink mng is from the new arrivals range..
lovin it!!!

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