Monday, January 12, 2009

HeLp me Choose the MEI TAI's :o

With regards to Mr McDreamy plan to fly us abroad on up coming April..InsyaAllah,..
i think i really need Mei Tai's as an alternative carrier...

Hmm..somemore..i just cant resist to see this PHAT must have babies stuff..
The only thing is...
I'm just keep on wondering and thinking which one is THE ONE..?
Can u guys help me choose?

Its between :
that cost me RM ***.**

OR Mei Tai's
that cost me only RM ***.**++ together wif personal custom touch..

Kozy by Peekaroo
(i'm more into this but its way to expensive kan?
Tapi sbb suka sngat, rasa macm it's ok to invest...
OK ke??)

Local made Mei Tai's by Snuggbaby
Pix taken from :
(Hope Liz dont mind this pix been paste here..)
This one also ok ...they have lots of material design for me
to choose...hmmm...
why is it so hard for me to decide?
(If only achik can give me some amount of subsidy....
ooo u hear me? yuhuuuu..)

Ok drop your comments!

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