Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"BiRthday paRTy Mak.."

27th December 2008-Saturday

Mom's Birthday Party @ Home

I considered this party as sweet and simple but most memorable...

Happy Birthday Mak
We all loves U very much..

From :
Aiza, Amri, Carliff, Pinat & Arm

This Secret Recipe Rasberry Cheese Cake sponsored by Achik
TQ Achik..sedappp cake nih

We R having pizzas

5 Candles for 50th years

We sang... "Happy Birthday to youuuuu..."
Make a wish mak..

Achik sayang mak...

Acu pon sayang mak sangat...

Wooo..whose son is this?

Eh, eh cucu maktok sorang nih..

Cake cutting ceremony..

Nyum, nyum..

Tq sooo much for everything mak..
(Lawak lar anak mommy pose camtuh! Comeii sgt..)

Acu mempulun tak hingat-hingat..hahah

Dah buat dah botak nih

Birthday mom and daughter

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