Thursday, January 8, 2009

bEautiFUL BaYan BaY via 2 diffRen visioN

Saturday-2oth December 2008

Allright..panjang crita..

The idea of bringing Carliff to Bayan Bay (which is situated just half kilos from our haus) pop up from me who is sooo dat excited want to wear him baju Telok Batik yg bapak (my in laws) beli..(They went thre last skul holidays)..

I'm like "U, jom pi BB bawak Carliff kat sea side so dat bleh amik gambar then send MMs kat bapak...nak?"

"Pasaipa nak kena pi sea side plak?"

"So the mood of 'Telok Batik' tuh come..then bleh la take pixxies..hehe, nak dak?"

and he was like pause for a few minutes and..."OK..only after i balik basuh kreta,"

"WoHuuuu..Carliff dgar tak? We R goin to party...Hahah"

and that little fella like usual buat muka blur plus dont care lah.. more hubby keep telling me that his HP camera is far more better than me (ye-lah tuh SS!) i took some pixs of us via two different proved him mine also not bad mar...

These first series of pixars R from my hubby hP's : SAMSUNG....(he like samsung cause it's close to SYAMSUL oK?..and so dat u can find most of our electrical product from samsung including our LCD TV....huh!-same wif berangan nak bli toyota camry-cause it sound like amri!!-wat ever darling..)

The trouble duo..hehe

Must be superb if this pix was in sephia kan?

Paling COMEL di hearty-ku
hmmrmm..plis excuse my untouch" face..
(try to be confidence without make up)

i just like this candid pose

and this one too

Lurvin it, seems real and spontaneous


U can see Penang Bridge right behind them


Daddy's son

U want to swim?

Upsss..dont go any futher..

Hah..can u spot the Penang Bridge?

i've told u before...i'm very good in taking pixars lar..


My sunshine and moon..

Below are series of photos taken by my Nokia N76 HP..
(so u guys can decide lah whose HP is better..him or mine?
need not to worry..i tak kecik ati..huhu)

Back of Mr. Amri and Jr is Pulau Jerejak


Carliff geliiii sangt to even step on the sand..

He still refused to stand..

Thank U Pak tok & Nani sbb belikan Carliff baju nih

People come to picnic here

I really love the facts that i live nearby and so close to the nature

Soon will teach him to appriciates nature & environment

Its a nice windy day

The birds catch his attention

Jom picnic!

Y dont U come n camp here?

See that tall buildings? That's the area whre we were living..
Dekat sgat eh..

Can u imagine when this elite D'Residence bungalows project complete soon,
they will be living just next to the sea...
wat a kan? Konon cam Miami Beach..
Anyway, that's PDC Properties project! Suka nak promote!

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