Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wishing ALL of u..

A Fantastic January

Lovable February

Marvelous March - Whose Birthday is it anyway??

Luckiest April

Enjoyable May

Sucessful June

Wonderful July

Independent August

Greatest Ramadhan September

Tastiest-Aidilfitri October

Beautiful November

Happiest December

Have a Victorious Year 2010

Happy NEW YEAR U Guys!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CakaP GeRmaN, AnYone??


Mommy - Mimi, Mii..sometime MammmmMii

Daddy - Dadi, Didi, Dii and now Daddy - Yeayyyy..

Kakak - Kakak - Bravo son!

Pak Tok/ Nani/Mak Tok/Achik/Acu & others - Dii...

Cikgu Widad - Gu Dattt..- This is cute!!

Baby - Bibi

Invisible Friend - Chii Takkkk!!

Calling Things

Milk - Nen..kadang2 Susu..

Cat - Tat

Pink Ball - Wink Wall

Shoes - Shuh, Shuss

Bird - Tititi

Sleep - Pum pum

Story Telling

Mommy, i just poo poo - Mimi..aa' aa' nii..

When his fav TV shows end or when he finish his milk/food

- Mi tak dakkkk or Mimi finishhhh

Mommy Cantik - Mimi tantikk....

Seen pretty thing - Aaa tantikkk..

When Asking

Mommy i want milk - Mi na nak nen..

Mommy i want that - Mi na nakkkk..

Whre's Daddy ? - Didi ni?

When Answering

Ni Carliff ke? - Kayiff!!

Carliff...? - Haaa..

Siapa nama Carliff Al-Imran? - Sataa.. (Saya)

Where's Mommy?/Daddy? - Tak Dakkk..Finishhh..

Alif, Ba.....? - Tata (Taa)

One, Two...? - Twee.. (Three)

Anmum Issential.....? - Theng Theng Takkk! (Tom Tom Bak!)

Sehatiiiiiii....? - Dantaaa! (Berdansa!)

Lets go....? - Wawe.. (Shower)

Lets go to....? - Wool (School)

U want milk? (dont want) - No! (want) - Aaa..

Harini Carliff blajar apa kat skolah? - jbcbvkqabvcd..jcvbcbcc (sori xpaham!)

Mimi cantik dak ? - Hmm tantikkk (LoL)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

""Way BacK frOm ScHooL""


I Miss Him when he's at school..

I Miss look at Him having breakfast..

I Miss taking Him to shower..

I Miss making Him go to sleep..

I Miss giving Him good day kiss..

I Miss singing Him his fav songs..

I Miss doing mommy-son thing with Him

( Im sorry i make u go to school since 2 months,
but im soooo proud of u when ur teacher said
that u r such a good boy!! Oh i wanna cry! )

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Best FashioN BloG eveR!!!

For any fashion tips, updates, trend, wat to wear to anywhere...and watSOever..visit this HOTBLOG.. and for those who LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, online shopping..u can spend there too by clicking the SHOP label (they had almost every brand that u can imagine..oh u gotto see their shoes collection i tell u..Fabulous!!! and the best part, the price been calculated in RM yaaa..wuhuuuu..!!) Im deadly excited u?? SO work harder, earn much better..Hahaha..

MUST Have!!

Its a shame that i cant even remember where did i collect this fashion piece..(i think its from sori that i cant link them to u..) but its ALDO for sure (oh i heart ALDO verghi verghi much!) im goin to check out for Y.E.S this weekend..i think this might give some inspiration on what to have for coming new year..(closet update!) so HaPPY SHoppInG u guys!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

JinGLe BeLL JinGle BeLL.."


to my colleague :

Sally, Janet, Mr. Paul, Thomas, Peter
& others

TQ for throwing us Yummious
Christmas Party ever!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

JusT FOR you!!

To all my Blogger frens :
HOODe,KAK TIJAH, my Followers..
and all..(u know who u are..)

Here's the blog sticker for u guys..with lots n lots of LOVE from me..

"Shuu Tantikkk," said Carliff

At the age of 21 months young, Carliff can differentiates between something clean and dirty, beautiful and ugly..and its started to show that he’s going to be someone really picky and fussy and particular like me..(oh tidak! Hopefully not 100% lah!)

Not to say that he can really understand about everything so well now..come on lah, he’s still a baby to me..but whenever he make his shirt dirty (after meal specially), he’ll come to me and asked to change for a new one..kadang2 kalau terpegang benda2 berhabuk ke (oh i never expect he will sneak under a cupboard)..he will quickly run to me and point to water that I understand that he need to wash his hand.

Thre’ also time when he will totally refuse to walk only because he has to go through a dirty surface..(eventho he’s wearing shoes, he ask me to carry him in order to avoid the dirt, huh!)..But as he enjoy jumping so much now, I told n make him understand that he can always jump over it..and lucky it works! Heheh..(budak2 sekarang sungguh bijak kan?)

Other than that, Carliff can really appreciates pretty things too..and even said “Tantikk..” to something that catch his eyes (paling tak tahan dia cakap “Kakak tantikk,” to this Levis boutique cashier yesterday-agak2 lah nak, dah la amoi, blonde plak tu, hadoiii).

On how he define cantik, instead of yellow, blue, and pink, he choose the yellow Ipanema Slipper below for himself..not bad kan? Kan?

Next time kalau jumpa dia, try lah tanya.. “Mimi cantik tak? Hahah”

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ooo Emmm Geee, RIZALMAN's..answering me!!!

Xcited..coz my FAB/FAV designer..answered my question in


La, la, la, la, laaaa...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

SomThiNG Gotto gift!



Thursday, December 17, 2009

CARLiFF's soooo NATE larrr..hahah..

If u are HUge fan of Gossip GirL..then NATE need no introduction..but of course there's a story behind this Mommy SS"-PoY0' post tittle..Hahah..

It started lately..wif this dilemma drama between us two wether to cut C's hair or not .. far..C had only one experience visiting Hair Salon..(other than that, Nanny kat skolah jer yg tolg trim-kan) As a mom, i had no problem at all on getting his hair short or long..

But something for sure..a bOy must look like a BOy-lah he's already start attending class, soo..short hair is kind of typical skul boy style..(smart n discipline maaa..)

If to keep it only concern is just when he sweat..(God, this boy of mine keep on jumping n running like fun factory) specially at nite..before goes to bed, he will scratch his head, kind of feeling not comfortable with the wet sweat hair..(eventho i bubble his hair almost everyday..n even somtime tied it Samurai style..hahahah)..other than that, i dont mind at all..

Thre's time when we discuss bout this, hubby came out with idea of making his hair Maddox-Brangelina style..but looking at C hair type..i dont think its goin to work (C had a very soft, straight, brown, baby hair) and its ridiculous to get it stand like Maddox using hair cream n wat so we keep on postponing his visit to salon till lately..i received an email from Nia saying..

"Hey..Carliff's hair looks like Nate larr..i mean so messy sexy yummy boy,"
and i goes.."Really?? Cute kan..?"
and hubby last few week also,
"U perasan tak rambut Carliff mcm rambut Nate? Ada style-lah!"
and im like.."Hmmm..mmg best lah..hihi!,"
and my SIL-Kak Su pon ckap..
"Carliff..cheaaa..rambut dia macm Nate larrrr...,"
and me-" Tu laaa,"

So frens, wat say you?
To Nate or Not To Nate?

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