Friday, December 5, 2008

WheN I'm GoNE..

Its been a while i kept my laptop RIP..and last nite decide to opened it..thinking bout
checking emails and
taaa daa......"U Have 250 new mails!!!" yg mlas nih..
As i'm sooo malas and sgat mengantok and nak cepat2 masok tidor..i just choose a few...some of them are from my blog readers..and they goes..

"Where have U been shaferlicious? Miss ur writings.."
"What take u soooo long to creates a new post haaa?"

"Are u OK? Few days never heard bout u.."

and even some says..

"Plis updates..!!! Boring gila nih.." i wish i had a pA's that can updates u about wat i'm doin now, wat happen to me lately..and everythings..tapi tu lah.. i'm just ordinary shaferlicious...helpless..
BUT...bUT... i think i owed u this news..

MY fellow viewers,

FYI, My very dear Carliff Al-Imran telah dimasukkan ke wad kanak2
pada 1st December till 4th December 2008...@ Pantai Mutiara Hospital, Penang with due to high fever (since last weeks)..and a blood infections...

Hospital Pantai Mutiara, Bayan Baru

and Yes...i'm spending all my time staying wif him in the ward...and that's the reason why i'm gone for a while...but apapun, ALHAMDULILLAH...he has been discharged yesterday..and getting better today...

i'll be back on track soon as i got a lot of stories to tell and share wif u all..Meanwhile..i nak rehat puas2...dah 2,3 hari tak cukup tidor..very tired..

Miss uols..UMmmmmuahhhhhhh!!!!

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