Friday, December 12, 2008

on WAY bacK home..

Hmm..this and upcoming posts is like siaran tertunda..cause suma post2 nih, almost all happens in November...i xsempat nak update on time with due to time consuming..., and my major reason would be..Carliff baru ja kuar wad and i want to spend most of my time with him..which is a very good remedy for babies..specially like mine who just recover frm fever..

So this post is kind of like 3 in 1 post..3 crita dalam 1 episode drama la kunun nya..

22nd November 2008-Saturday..

Me and En. Nusi..we were clicks like father and daughter's..

We went to En. Nusi Daughter's Wedding @ Baling, all the way using BKE highway...mak aiiii jauh & lama bebenor prjalanannya...bertolak dari Penang pkul 12pm..sampai dalam pkul 1.30pm cam tuh..bak kata hubby.."macm balik a.staq daaa..." huhu..

BUT, the main point is...the wedding memang happening abis..sedapp sgat lauk pauk nya..masakan kampong..really suits me-budak kampong...memang grand sebab suma kelengkapan perkahwinan..lengkap dgn gamelan dan persembahan silat, kompang... came all the way from KL..other than that, ramai jugak geng2 opis yg attend wedding nih..soooo merier..

FYI, En. Nusi's daughter is a KOSMO! news reporter, name: Hasliza Nusi..she write an articles mostly about families and wat's hot in town now..

Hmm..sorry sgat sebb tak dak pixxies yg sempat i capture di majlis keraian tuh..When we arrived, Carliff were sleeping and i'm holding him in my arms..dah kalut2 mkan, he wake up and lagi lar susah nak amik gambar cause he merajuk..hmmm..not enuf sleep i guess..

Anyway, below are some of the pixs yg i amik on our way back to Penang..Carliff still sulking..and u can just see his merajok-nak susu-tired-bosan n boring-not enuf sleep face! and mommy like always posing xmau mau..hahah..

Hmm..mommy nih...i just wake up and she asked me to smile?? hmmmm.. :(

and Again??

Not againnnnnnnn...??!!

Stop it mommy...

And when we reached Seberang Jaya, hubby make last minutes plan to visit SSF Home Deco Mart @ Inderawasih...I yg tgah mengantok giller waktu tuh..fuhhh..jadi segar trus..heheh..i'm soooo la allergic to shopping...sengal kan? hahah..

This time around, i had a chance to click few pixxies to shared wif uols..

My hubby actually had a talent in interior designs..(yess i blow my own trumpet..heheh)..most of the things in my haus are been decorated by him..from selecting the materials for our haus curtains...wall deco, paintings, lightings and so forth..its an advantage to had him as my hubby cause i can delegate this job discriptions 100 percent to him..wif no doubt..hahah..

and just recently, he had won Eric Leong website contest that make him won the Secret Recipe's proud of him lar..(Congrat's U!!)

Among the stuff that catch my eyes..cantikk kan?

Interesting..Some of the wall decors that u can get it here..

Almost the same..oh my..she's the ultimate fashion icon..

OMG...i cepat2 pegang this wall painting the moments i saw it...i sukaaaaaaaa sgat pix nih...then come hubby saying " Wow, Audrey Hepburn. Lawaaaanya..tapi kan u..kalu u nak beli letak kat bilik..its a no no..lari konsep i" "Wat? alar..boleh lar?? its on me..can aaa? U?" Tapi hubby tak kasi jugak. sedihhhhhhhhhhhhh sgatttttttttt...Hmmm, viewers..ada tak sesapa yg baik hati kat luar sna tuh yg sudi hadiahkan i potret nih for my birthday nanti???? PLisssssss..i really adore her!!!

i love this black n white bed side lamps..can i have this one too for my birthday gift anyone? Hahah, melampawwww..

Dah tuh dalam babak 3, after we reached penang, hubby said why dont we go for TT bfore headed home? Hmmm..good idea!

Then, we went to Kayu Nasi Kandar for TT (Teh Tarik) Sessions...

Below are some snapshots there..

OK Pose!

"Cause i cannot eat roti i want to eat uuuuu...hehehe.."
-Carliff wif the pee pooh that he cant live wihout..


The couple T T's

Also the T T's-but this one stand for my tosei teloR..hahah..

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