Wednesday, December 24, 2008

a NIte Out Wif Family @ Tesco a.staR

6th DecembeR 2008-SaturDaY
Tesco Alor staR
Mom's, Achik, Acu and Us three..
complete us as One Happy family

Right after Baby-C recovered from fever..Aidiladha is just right on the corner..

(syukur sangat..kalu tak raya kat hospital la jawabnya..)

so we headed back to my hometown on Saturday..and Guest what? Achik is homeeeee..!!! Yipeee...

Actually, susah nak jumpa achik coz she's super bzzz..outstation here and there...somemore she's base in jarang2 boleh borak panjang ngan Achik..tapi dah jumpa tuh..tak ingat2 punya bergossip..

i really miss our childhood memories growing up together sis..

Here are few candid pixxies of Achik enjoying her food..

Bismillah tak?


Sizzling mee..Achik fav dish

And this is MAk tok and Acu one and only younger bro...

My mom cuddling her baby grandson..

Acu and his typical pose

and again...

P/s : Acu dah botak skrg..image nue yer kerrr? anyway u still rock mannn!!

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