Thursday, December 25, 2008

JinGLe ALL the way..

Year ends coming..wat i loves most beside Year End Sale is the breeze and smell of Christmas..because the feeling makes me feel sooo goood...specially when u think about holidays!! WOoooHUUUUU!!!

You can definately feel the mood is coming thru your veins specially if u go to the Malls, see all the blink2 decorations, christmas trees ( i loves christmas trees), jingle songs..and mr with miss santa clause walking around...ahhhh..i just cant wait to shop and go for holidayss.....this gonna be the month where i spend most of weekdays & weekends in the malls..Ahaks..

9th DecEmber 2008, Tuesday
Queensbay Mall, Penang

Weeee...The Christmas tree!!!

Simpy Stunning and wonderful

Carliff and Daddy seems to be very sweet
and loving together

Yes son, this is how they celebrates Christmas..

In front of the main stage

I said Cheeezeeee not dig the stuck cheeeze lar..

Not easy to get his attention lately

Mommy i want baloon..

I said we pose first

U dance now?

Mommy, make sure i look good k?!!

16th December 2008, Tuesday
Again, Queensbay Mall, Penang

This year stage decorations is quite simple compared to last year

Carliff looks!! Doraemon is here!!!

Super cute Japanese character!!!!

Merajuk..cause i'm not let him takes the baloon

21st December 2008, SundaY
Gurney Plaza, Penang

Inside the Mall

Hey u two..

In front of one, huge christmas tree

IT's not easy to get us three together..haha

Second trial-fail!!

The third one- OK lah..

The fourth one fail with only Carliff head captured in the pixss..

Aiyahhhh..give up2!!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyones..

( I'm goin to KL from 31st DEc to 3rd Jan for holidays..C uols there!!)

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