Saturday, December 20, 2008

CaRliFF caughT feveR..

Fever Day 2 -looks soo tired..dont want to play, not active, less energy, sleepless nites, refused to eat, less milk consumed but drinks a lot sof warm water..

Ok, Ok..i kno all of you are been waiting for this story..thank u for your concerns..

Hmm..actually, i dont really expect Carliff will caught fever..the only sign that makes me wonder few days before was just why he seems like losing his appetite..xmau makan..

Everytime i offered him a spoon of porridge, he turned his face away..or if he take it..he will like...make it out..this is quite strange as before he will scream at me when i feed make it fast..spoon after spoon..(carliff suka sgat makan)..

I do asked my mom's, frens and even his nanny and they all seems like telling me the same reasons that he might be bored of the same taste of menu everydays...even i actually changed it between rice and i'm stucked here..

Lain lah kalau i bawak dia pegi amik least i'm quite aware and prepare..that somehow thre's a possibility he will catch fever..but this time..not at all..moreover, there's no other sign than refused to take meals..

25th November 2008-Tuesday morning..

i sent him to nursery as usual..but noticed that his head feel quite warm....i told the nanny bout that, leaved him and went to office like always..untill on my way to visit him during lunch time, received sms from hubby..telling me that Carliff demam panas..!!! (how come he knows and i'm not? the nursery is in my office and he's way too far in town?...owh, Kak Hira told him bout that)..

So the next day (wednesday)..i took leave..really need to take care and monitor him at i believed and prayed at that time that he will recover usually he will be ok after a day or two..

But this time around..No!..eventhough we had been to Hospital and clinic..the fever is still thre..wat i'm worried the most is that when the temperature is high during the midnite and right after 4 hours of giving him medications..and this situation freaking me the most..cause he will cry, cry and cry and cry...di tgah2 malam..

Demam nya berlarutan hingga ke hari jumaat i'm just agreed right after when hubby suggested that we should go back to Sg. Petani and amik air penawar yg Mama buat..tapi tu lah...Carliff masih demam dan nangis malam2...untill on Monday, 1st December after second visited to Pantai Mutiara Hospital..Dr. Chan said,

"Sorry to tell u that i had to admit him..and i need your permission to take his blood samples for further examination"..

and at this time, i nod my head and burst into tears for the time i myself cant even remembered..

"Ya Allah, kalau ini jalan terbaik untknya aku redha..."

He spend most of the time on the bouncer..rather than sit and play like usual..

Red lips..sign of hot fever..

A day after sleepless nites

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