Tuesday, November 25, 2008

..aN OLD TowN StORy..

The Place : OLd TowN white Coffee- BayaN Baru
The Time : 23rd NovemBeR 2008, SunDay nite FeveR-Daddy DemaM!!!
The PeoPle : Us threE
the Nite view..
EnlarGe : Daddy's CaR from the 2nd leveL

On My RigHt hand sight

Yummy..u know whos this bowL belongs to-menu no 520..

Daddys fav Dish of aLL

Top : Cups For TwOO

Below : HoneY lemon tea..Hmmmm..

Both GettinG bz..

and C's stiLL bzzzz...

Daddy's LookinG, C's Staring..

OK, i pose now




1na said...


Have u tried Old Town's Double Toast with Hot White Coffee? Heaven u...

BTW, done ur tag :D

achik fina said...

Baby Carl, i miss u so muchhh..jgn nakal n buli mummy u...
aunty marah ni if carliff buli mummy..
kak, lagu coba-faizal tahir plezzzz
aku dah seminggu dengar lagu ni...tak tukar2 da..

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