Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'M Online ShoPPinG Craze...HeLP!!!!

Q : How many shopping complexs do u have in Penang?

A : Aaaaaa..errrrr...

1) Queesbay Mall~Jusco Penang-500 m from my haus
2) Gurney Plaza-hmmmm..12km? anyone..
3) Island Plaza-13km kot..
4) Prangin Mall-8km
5) Bukit Jambul-errrr...2.5km? i think so lar
6) Sunshine Square-3.2km

(and of coz we have Giants, tesco and Tesco extra)-can dat be consider meh?

Tu ja lar...my fav of coz la Qbay..sooo near from my haus..everyday i pass by..everyday babe...!!! At least 4 times a week i went there..last week..errr 6 times...ooh waitt..there's also another 2 which is still under constructions...

5) Penang Times Square-8.5km
6) Still dont have a name yet-also 8km frm my place..


Soooo..eventho there are lots of place to shop here in Penang Island..i still..sometimes travel to midland to shops coz there are still few more shopping complexs dat i can go and spends, spends and spends like there's no tomorrow....fuhh..

and yaaaaaa..at least twice a year i went to KL for shopping just to find somthing diffrent..here where got Zara boutique..? Dunkin Donuts pun talak lor..heheh

but the PROBLEM here...it is still not enuFFFFF...

coz now i shop online thoooooooooooo....

so like teruk and kronik la penyakit shopping haku nih...

Lately.. i bought this Diaper's Clutch from Snuggbaby.com which coz me only RM49.90..cheap meh..husband start to geleng kapla..and actually make dont care face..i kno..as long as i'm the one who bear the cost then..it's up to u laling...hahahah.

Super cute kan? Ni Carliff munyer...

It’s a combination of a clutch AND a diaper change kit which is available in many cute and pretty colours and not just in that boring navy blue that you see everywhere everyday! It’s lightweight and very portable with pockets that’s just enough to suit you and your baby’s diaper changing needs.

Multi purpose diapers clutch

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