Saturday, November 22, 2008

GrowinG uP HeaLthY & HaPPiLY-ALhamdulillaH..

mR. Naughty Face trying for a POle DancinG now????

Between six and nine months most babies are able to sit up unsupported and amuse themselves for longer. They will also show more interest in what’s going on around them; smiling, babbling and playing with other adults and children.

  • Many babies are able to sit without support, although for the first couple of weeks you’ll need to stay close by to prevent him nose-diving out of his precarious new position

  • Many babies try to crawl, although it is often months before they are able to move at all, let alone crawl in the direction they want. Some babies never learn to crawl, but prefer to bottom shuffle their way around the floor

  • By around nine months your baby will begin to pull himself up to standing using whatever is handy at the time; perhaps the sofa or your legs. Once he is up he will probably just stand until he bumps down again, but it’s a great new vantage point, and it will increase his urgency to get on the move to examine all those exciting places he can see

  • Now his fine motor control is developing and he will be able to stretch out with one hand to grasp small toys, pass them from hand to hand, let go with the first hand as the fingers of the other hand close around the toy, and examine them with concentrated interest

  • He can poke at small things with an index finger, and begin to point. He can also use the pincer grip - holding with the finger and thumb - to pick up small objects

  • He can put a toy down only when it is pressed against something firm, such as the floor or your hand. (But he won’t yet give the toy to you spontaneously)

Language development 6-9 months

Your baby will love experimenting with sounds and will babble away to himself while in his cot or pram.

  • He will turn to your voice or a quiet noise from across the room, unless distracted
  • He will listen and watch adult conversations
  • He can shout now and will let you know! He can also begin to sing a few notes of a familiar nursery rhyme
  • He can combine syllables into long patterns and begins to change the pitch and tone just as you do when you ask a question

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