Monday, November 17, 2008

BPA FRee BottLe..

Some good infos to shares wif all mommy's

First of all, what in the world is BPA?

BPA is short for Bisphenol-a,
a chemical that is actually an artificial estrogen.
It is used to create the plastic called polycarbonate. Most major U.S. baby bottle manufacturers use BPA in their production, as well as many food storage containers and toys. Researchers have shown that even low levels of estrogen-mimicking BPA are harmful to animals and people, especially babies and young children. Many environmental scientists believe that Bisphenol-a may cause adverse health effects, such as cancer, diabetes, obesity and early puberty.

BPA-Free Brands (for babies product)

BPA Free Bottle by Pureen

Adiri~Baby Bjorn~Baby Cie~BabySport~Babylife (Wee-go)~BFree~Born Free ~ Brita~Combi~DCI~Nuby~Ezee Reach~Elegant Baby~Emily Green~Green to Grow~ iPlay~Kidbasix~KidCo~Klean Kanteen~Medela~Mother's Milkmate~Mud Pie Baby ~Natursutten~Not Neutral~Nurture Pure~Obentec~ORE Originals~Prince Lionheart~PUR~Rivadossi Sandro (Trebimbi)~SIGG~Silikids~Skip*Hop~ Steadyco~Thermos ~thinkbaby~ Pureen~Latest by AvenT

Colourful range BPA Free by NubY-Carliff's most fav!! Thanks Autie Zura!!

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