Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A TriP To HaaDYai-ThaiLanD

Remember i cuti panjang end of last July? Hmm about 3 months ago. Yes..we went to Haadyai..for my husband (Bank Rakyat) family days event..Even its not my fav shopping vacation spot to go but yaa...for somthing FOC..i just go and chill..and hmmm..boleh lar.. Below are few of the pixs..

Buddies : Syamin & Amri

This sign means : A place to rest

The same sign @ Pantai Samila

After looking at this pix we both laugh and wonder why on earth i pose at the same place twice hah?

Somthing went wrong..look at my tudung..senget"

I remembered..its hot, sunny and rainny day..but at this time it's quite sunny as i dont even can open my sepet eyes..Amri even said i -exactly looks like siameese"..-Yalah tuh..

Its a clean sandy beach..

Posing with Miss Mermaid..

The BBQ egg (telur bakar) seller

Syamin, Asri, Kak Anie (Mrs Rosdee) ngan Encik Rosdee (Mr Bank Manager) teruja betol kupas telur bakar..Sorry tpi bla i tgok telur tu rasa comment.

Wif Mrs Asri- Fadhilah..she's expecting the second one

The Tut-Tut Man

My Guardian AngeL-never let me free

Yeah, u R right- that's the historical sign of SONGKLA

Ceritanya di pantai Samila ada 2 pulau. One is cat island and another is rat island. u can see the shape of the island looks like both animals. so this monument is the symbolic of the island la konon..i takut tuh macam staring at if its alive and ready to attack me..

In front of the art gallery

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