Sunday, October 26, 2008

SaRapaN di mANa?

25th October 2008-Saturday..Morning Bliss
Old Town White Coffee Bayan Baru..near Sunshine Square

One and a half man

Hmmm..i make him taste the chicken soup..guess he enjoyed it sooo much..coz keep calling me (in his own language) and asked for more...

Carliff and the ba..bah...(dats wat he called his daddy's lately)

i'm havin this Chicken Ipoh Hor Fun...dah tak fun coz dah makan separuh jalan...heheh..Tapi memang sedap..fav dish i kat OT nih..

Menu No: 100..

Hubby's Nasi Lemak Special..dah xnampak special pas makan sbb Carliff dok kacau..hilang feel he said..heheh..

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