Wednesday, October 15, 2008

HaviN SeX and The CiTY!

Hubby was late last nite. He reached home a quater before twelves..Yes, i'm married to a super-bz banker's and wat's more to expect? And eventho i shud be adjusting myself to this life for the last 3 years..i'm still struggling for it untill now. Yeah..i've been feeling sooo boring right after Carliff went to bed at thre's nothing else for me to do..hmmm the routine is just the same almost everydays..getting Carliff bag's ready for the next day, iron my baju, havin dinner alone.., takin shower, prayers, doin some laundry, wash the dishes..and...dat's it. I'm done!! End of the day.

SEX AND THE CITY is released in the UK, US, Austria, France, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Iceland, Italy and Turkey. It opens on the weekend of June 6th in Egypt, Belgium, Australia, Greece, Hong Kong, Portugal, South Korea, Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway. It opens on June 12th in Argentina and the Netherlands; on June 20th in Russia, Spain, Taiwan and Sweden; on June 17th in Chile; on June 27th in Venezuela and on August 2nd in Japan.

Some are suggesting me to watch TV's..or layan DvD's..Hmmm..u kno wat? Since carrying Carliff last year and popping him out dis year, i've been missing my very fav tv shows like- Prison Break, Ugly Betty, Desprate Hwives, CSI series, Heroes..u named's like..i dont even have a live..for real..!!! Oh No, i'm not blaming my dear's just i'm feeling sooo tired. And i even somtimes fall asleep right after he's sleeping. There's even a time when i wake up in the middle of the nite to prepared Carliff's milk in the office attire!! Gosh..letih terok..i wonder how it's gonna be if i had three or four kids in a row..? U tell me..huh? That's one of the reason y i really admired my frens dat hve kids and able to present themselves cantik2 to office..

So last nite i've decided to watch Sex and The City alone. Actually i kept reminding my hubby that i want to watch dat movie wif him..but ya..he never answer me..( i think he better be dat way coz if he promised and cannot make it..then, it's gonna be my reason to pop pet to him)..but keep reminding me dat auditors is coming, now is year end..bla, bla, bla making me understand dat..if u cannot wait then just..tgok je lar sorang2..huhu..

Just because i think dat i shud spend some time for myself, get some live in a nite, cant wait to see a nice label garments, shoes, bags and shoes again, i enjoyed every minutes of the movie till the end. Yaa..quite a nice predictable-story line..but just OK ja for me. May be because they are way older than me..or may be coz i watch it alone? Hmmmmmmm.....(mengeluh lagi)..

Below some of the comments rgarding the movie dat i've read in net :

One said :
I didn't like SEX AND THE CITY because it didn't ring true. I couldn't relate. I have a bunch of female friends and we were/are single, high-earners who love shopping and hope for love, but "Love and Labels" did not make up the entirety of our lives. The TV show was praised for being candid and "pushing the envelope" about how female sexuality and friendship were presented on screen. Maybe so, but I still found the result reductionist and vaguely insulting. So the movie is just more of the same. More vapid consumerism, more unrealistic relationships and more adolescent humour and generally intolerable teenage behaviour. Presumably, fans of the TV series will be in heaven.

The other said :
I know there were mixed reviews of the movie, but if you enjoyed the show you will like the movie. It was basically like watching an entire season of Sex and the City in one siting. For me the best part of the movie was the clothing. Patricia Fields knows how to dress a movie. I, like probably every other woman who has seen the movie, am currently coveting Carrie's Dior Cutout sandals!

But for me :
I just loves everything on them..specially the wedding gowns, bags, more bags, shoes and more more shoes....its lips licking good..

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