Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HaVin My VeRy Own FashioN GuRU

Victoria Beckham? Yes, of course..jangan jealous tau.
Eventho I kno i'm about 2 years late..(as this book's first released around Oct ke?)..but i have always been intrigued to find out what Posh thinks about every time she opens up her wardrobe and makes her daily fashion choices-may they be hits or misses.

I damn fall in loves with this book cover's..Actually it comes in two types-hardcover and paperback (which has been released last year). Believe me, I prefer the hardcover coz POsh looks soooo super chicky and sexy compared to another. From reading the very first page you can tell that Mrs Beckham knows everything about fashion and this is reflected by the beautiful pictures of herself and the great fashion illustrations, which I appreaciate. Much2 appreciate.

Posh gives good recommendations and relates to a girl's daily struggle to find the perfect outfit for all sorts of occasions. It's like having coffee with her and discussing style..Best sngat lah.

i like this layout..super stunning..

I am gratefull for the possibility of being close to such a wonderful woman as Victoria for she is not only glamorous and beautiful but a person with a special sensibility, personality and true soul

Roberto Cavalli-pg 139 (one of my favourite designer in the world)

It seems to be well worth the read...i know, i know I'm quiet the Victoria Beckham fan at the moment and with my all time favourite childhood band reuniting it makes it all the more merrier!

Make sure you give urself a good scrub at least twice a week..-after all, that is wat we all shuld applies as our own beauty regime..

She's Everywhere..

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