Thursday, October 30, 2008

My sUpeRB GUESS ToTe-LuVin it!!

The Regal tote treats you like royalty, with luxe logo fabric and glossy patent details.

Logo jacquard fabric; trim: PVC

Braided double handles with 10-1/2 inch drop

Tab closure with magnet; top zip

Softly pleated at front; logo hardware medallion; back zip pocket

Leopard-print lining; interior zip pocket, 2 open
pockets and cell phone pocket

17" W x 13-1/4" H x 6-7/8" D

Hubby help me to choose this white coral colors..oh BTW, Thanks yaw..for making it happen..i suka sgat bag nih..

Web ID: 319933
Also available in :

CaRLiFF'S wanna Be "UpiN & IpiN"

LooK at his hairs...hahah..if u are a big fans of this Cutest Malaysian Cartoon series on earth (Carliff pon suka tgok crita nih)..then u will notice my cubby cubba Carliff's looks like Upin ( the one wif sejemput hair tuh)..even Kak Alia during last raya keep calling him Upin & Ipin while playing wif him..

Can u imagine Carliff's saying .."ble, ble, ble" exactly like the twin characters..mesti pecah panggung..hahah

Upin & Ipin Hanya di....TV9..dekatttttttttttt di hati..

My Upin's-Bzz as usual..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HaVin My VeRy Own FashioN GuRU

Victoria Beckham? Yes, of course..jangan jealous tau.
Eventho I kno i'm about 2 years late..(as this book's first released around Oct ke?)..but i have always been intrigued to find out what Posh thinks about every time she opens up her wardrobe and makes her daily fashion choices-may they be hits or misses.

I damn fall in loves with this book cover's..Actually it comes in two types-hardcover and paperback (which has been released last year). Believe me, I prefer the hardcover coz POsh looks soooo super chicky and sexy compared to another. From reading the very first page you can tell that Mrs Beckham knows everything about fashion and this is reflected by the beautiful pictures of herself and the great fashion illustrations, which I appreaciate. Much2 appreciate.

Posh gives good recommendations and relates to a girl's daily struggle to find the perfect outfit for all sorts of occasions. It's like having coffee with her and discussing style..Best sngat lah.

i like this layout..super stunning..

I am gratefull for the possibility of being close to such a wonderful woman as Victoria for she is not only glamorous and beautiful but a person with a special sensibility, personality and true soul

Roberto Cavalli-pg 139 (one of my favourite designer in the world)

It seems to be well worth the read...i know, i know I'm quiet the Victoria Beckham fan at the moment and with my all time favourite childhood band reuniting it makes it all the more merrier!

Make sure you give urself a good scrub at least twice a week..-after all, that is wat we all shuld applies as our own beauty regime..

She's Everywhere..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

THe MosT RidicuLouS FRagance NaMes-Is it?

"Unforgivable Woman" By Sean John aka P.Diddy

Who - in Gabrielle Coco Chanel’s name - would ever want to wear an Unforgivable Woman?- Hmmmm..wat if i'm the one?

It makes it even worse when you realise that Sean Puff Diddy Combs’ new fragrance is for women. So women wearing Unforgivable women, it doesn’t make much scents - oh, sense ..

But it joins the growing list of increasingly ridiculous names celebrities slap on their fragrance endorsements. Some of the names just leaves you flabbergasted. What are they expecting consumers to think as they spritz themselves?

“Cumming” (seriously?!) by Alan Cumming

(”Honey, you smell like you are cumming.”)- I think this is suPeR sexy name!!

“Coast-to-Coast” by the Olsen Twins

"Taste" by Jessica Simpson.

"Still" by Jennifer Lopez.

"Toxic" by Britney Spears ….
Oh, wait, what? Oh, that was not a perfume,.. Wonder what the actual name of that perfume is. Just curious.

Notes frm the net

WhicH one FiRst?

Hmm..dah lama tak shopping for perfume..Last one-Miss DioR Che'rie by Dior..There's a few in my wish list..rasa cam nak beli semua..but which one first?

“Beauty is an ecstasy; it is as simple as hunger. There is really nothing to be said about it. It is like the perfume of a rose: you can smell it and that is all.”

William Somerset Maugham

Daisy By Marc Jacobs

According to Marc Jacobs (the brand, not man), the fragrance is meant to be "happy and youthful". Its top notes are wild strawberry and red grapefruit with floral notes to follow (gardenia, violet, jasmine), finally, its base includes musk, vanilla and white woods. It's not overly sweet like many perfumes that are fruity or citrus-y. Overall Daisy is a sheer, "sunny" scent that isn't overpowering or headache-inducing.

Its gonna be my daytime scent that I think is suitable for party, shopping, and basically any other casual affairs. Plus the bottle is super cute kan?

Deseo by Jennifer Lopez

I loves this ad Campaign..Sexy kan? I've been a fan of JLo since i'm still in Diploma level. Its about 8 years ago..

Product Description

Electrifying, earthy and feminine. Inspired by a midnight walk in Jennifer's flower garden just before a thunderstorm.

Bloggers cum Customers Review- frm the net

Holiday in a bottle.
On application the fragrance is `green'. The notes of bamboo leaves, bergamot and yuzu are fresh, but not heavy. If anything I was surprised by how light DESEO is.After a short while the fragrance `warms' with the geranium, orange blossom and mimosa. Other people who have tried DESEO have said the scent is sweet and fruity, but I haven't experienced this. I can detect a faint hint of coconut, though there's no mention of this is in the fragrance notes. Maybe it's just because I'm reminded of suntan lotion!!The mineral accord in the base is the most dominant for me; it lends an aquatic air to DESEO. I can also detect the woods, bringing to mind tropical woodland by a beach.

I loves this bottle reminds me of Mr. Superman..heheh

Gucci By Gucci

Gucci by Gucci was developed by perfumer Ilias Ermenidis, and the notes include guava, raspberry, pear, chamomile, Tahitian Tiare flower, orange blossom, spider lily, patchouli, honey and musk. The patchouli and fruit, as mentioned above, are strong in the opening, but it isn't really overly sweet or fruity if you don't overapply (this is one scent I'd prefer to have in a splash rather than spray bottle). In fact, it wears more like a musky skin scent with woody and earthy undertones — unlike many so-called modern chypres, this one feels like a chypre. The honeyed floral notes aren't exactly sheer, but they're tempered by the drier base notes.

Princess By Vera Wang

Vera Wang has several fragrance options now. Princess, is a fabulous new fragrance from Vera Wang. With its golden-crown top, purple rhinestone accents, and heart-shaped bottle, it’s a perfect romantic gift for any princess bride. Not only does it smell playful and delicious, but it will also look precious on a nightstand or perfume tray.

Princess has notes of water lilies, Tahitian flower, dark chocolate, vanilla and an unexpected twist of pink guava.

So if anyone of you out there have ever bought or used one of this perfumes, i'm welcoming your feedbacks and comments..TQ

Sunday, October 26, 2008

SaRapaN di mANa?

25th October 2008-Saturday..Morning Bliss
Old Town White Coffee Bayan Baru..near Sunshine Square

One and a half man

Hmmm..i make him taste the chicken soup..guess he enjoyed it sooo much..coz keep calling me (in his own language) and asked for more...

Carliff and the ba..bah...(dats wat he called his daddy's lately)

i'm havin this Chicken Ipoh Hor Fun...dah tak fun coz dah makan separuh jalan...heheh..Tapi memang sedap..fav dish i kat OT nih..

Menu No: 100..

Hubby's Nasi Lemak Special..dah xnampak special pas makan sbb Carliff dok kacau..hilang feel he said..heheh..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RumaH TeRbuKa PDC-AidiLfitRi 2008

Finally, dapat jugak buat posting nih..asyik bertangguh smpai bulan Syawal pon dah abis..I'm sure u all dah discover some of the pixxies in Mrmiez blog..
BTW, FYI, this event take place at Atrium PDC dengan kehadiran tetamu2 kenamaan spt : Penang CM's : YB Lim Guan Eng, Deputy CM 1: YB Fairus and Deputy CM 2: YB Dr Ramasamy..and of course our very own GM Dato' Rosli Jaafar..
Enjoy the pix's..

Suhaimi aka Mista Food & Baverage Manager di pagi hari event..Bz dia ke sana ke mari
Anyway, menu hari tu memang sodapp2 dik..We have Famous Mee Rebus Penang-Pak Brahim, Duan's Kebab-sedapppp sagtttt, Rojak Fuad's, Ais Kacang Melatop, and Nasi Ujan Panas Pichay..Hmmm..kena diet pas makan..heheh

Behind the scenes team..from left Reen..cantikk baju Reen hari tuh, Kak Ah, in purple-Kak Imah, white tudung-Kak Saniah and Kak Ros tengah sibuk susun kuih muih tradisional yg di tempah khas dari Teluk Kumbar..Ada bahulu, samprit Alor StaQ, etc

From behind in blue : Fizah with Reen besides her..Sitting from right, Kak Norayu, Kak Imah and u kno who..

Anak Dara and Mak Dara

The table setting

This pix soo meriah lar..

I Walk, Stop and Pose..Heheh

MC's of the day..Thank GoD everything goes well

The only reason i dont like this pix is bcoz my tudung is sooooo senget and tak jadi..berselerak, and i bebai..dats it.

Si Anggun & Cantik Menawan- Alya & Reen

~MeMORi DaUN PiSanG~

I dapat sms dari long time fren-Hajar..hmm kami dah kenal for about 17 tahun camtuh. Sejak i berpindah ke Seberang Jaya n masuk SEk. Keb. Seb. Jaya 1..standard 4. Katanya dat day boss xda and she fulfill her time baca blog i nih..

Hajar : Weh, hari ni boss aku xdak so apa lg aku pon layan la blog hang! Khatam!! Hang dari dulu sampai la ni jiwang rajin mengarang! Lg satu besday Carliff sama ngan aku.

Hmm..she said jiwang mugkin sbb i suka tulis cerpen, sajak, puisi, pantun, masa zaman sekolah dulu..and i am still now. Tapi i ingat kami sama2 suka buat karangan Bahasa Melayu. Our Fav subject..sbb hajar admired kat cikgu Ramlan..and i suka cikgu Nik Rozemi..hahaha..(kan dah kena)..Kadang2, during exams or ujian bulanan, we scored the same marks for that paper..Kdg2 she overtook me and vice versa. Tpi i ingat dia lagi teror matematik dari i..coz i buta numbers..i hate numbers!! and Maths..arghhhh..xsuka! paling i tak lupa my fren ni pembuli..suka buli i..suruh i buat lukisan dia..bila ada keja skolah subject alam dan manusia ja..asal kena draw animals atau apa sja benda yg tak statik..she will berkampung kat umah i after school sampai i lukis untuk dia..bleh kata slagi tak siap keja skolah dia tuh..melangut la dia kat dalam bilik i..dah tu, part yg i geram skli tu bila nak lukisan dia sebijik cam lukisan i...eeeeee...aku ingat sampai mati tau hajar! Heheh...

Hah, and yes..her birthday sama dgan si Carliff..tak penah lupa tuh..and i replied the sms inviting her to the birthday party March nanti..bleh celebrates sama2...and she said

Hajar : present for me! Hang ni mmg fashionizer!

Sebut pasal fashion, i teringat masa standard 6 dulu, kaler baju pengawas i terover biru..hahah...and Tiba2 plak i teringat kat our best fren yg sorang lagi i ask her, penah tak terjumpa or terserempak dgan dia kat KL tuh? and she replied

Hajar : Xtau la memang lost contact. Bila aku bc blog hang 1001 perasaan ada tau. Teringat zaman sek.

Yess...lebih dari 1001 kenangan kami simpan bersama..lebih2 lagi kami bertiga..hajar and i ,we were in the same class..5C, 6C...tapi Amalina, kelas lain..tak ingat la kelas apa..tapi we wre so close..coz we loves to tell each other love stories..yes, betolllll kami suma ada cinta monyet zaman budak2 dulu..siap ada lagu tema cinta lagi...mau pecah perot ingat suma benda tu skrg nih..

And specially for this post, i want to dedicate this two old skul love songs for my fren HAJAR and lagu tema cinta korang..yg i ingat kita nyanyi out loud masa mandi kat water falls di kebun Amalina..

Dengan ucapan : Aku dah lupa lagu tema aku dulu...hahah..and i want both of u to kno that..i really2 appriciates persahabatan kita dari dulu smpai skrang..and will always, always and always remember you both.. missing u both FOREVER. Enjoy lagu nih ya..

P/s : Apa khabar agak nya Hairiee kan Hajar? Apa plak critanya Aminuddin kan Amalina? Dan apa dah jdi pada Tasnim dan Saiful Islam?


Rindu... semakin berakar umbi
Yang kurasai
Saat kau pergi

Hujan... bagai mengundang nestapa
Titis airnya
Bersama deru tangisanmu...

Buat kali pertama
Ku melihat (oh) airmatanya

Sejakku kenali dia
Sepinya kurasa
Disaat berduka
Inikah noktahnya
Pertemuan kita

Begitu suratan takdir
Usah lagi kita mungkir
Bersyukur pada rahmatNya

Berpegang pada hakikat
Waktu yang bakal menjawab
Siapa yang benar

Pasti... aku kan tetap menanti
Ku dibayangi
Seribu mimpi

Hujan... menghilang dengan langkahnya
Ku merindui
Dalam gerimis
Yang menghiris...


Kehadiran membawa seribu erti
Terasa bagaikan suatu mimpi
Indah mahligai yang kita bina
Impian kini terlaksana sudah

Tiada ku terlintas akan terjadi
Kita kan terpisah jua akhirnya
Sejenak ku terfikir segala
Oh keindahan bersamamu

Kembalilah kasih kepada diriku
Hidupku sepi tanpa kehadiranmu
Dengar rayuanku jeritan batinku
Masih dahagakan kemesraanmu
Hanya kau yang ku cinta
Tiada kedua
Usah biar ku menderita

Setelah kau pergi tiada kembali
Pilunya tak dapat ku menggambarkan
Abadi kasihku yang amat suci
Biarku yang dalam kegelapan

Dengarlah dendangan laguku untukmu
Suara hati lambang suci murni
Berat saatku dilamun rindu
Setelah lama dikau pergi

Updated : I sent sms to Hajar asking her to read this posting..She replied saying ;

Hajar : Dah baca! Siap mengalir airmata aku. Aku terharu!! Terus ofismate aku terkejut tetiba aku nagis. Haiza, thanks for the post

Me : Weh, ingat dak apa lagu tema aku? Hahah..aku lupa lgu sndiri..

Hajar : Aku rasa hang punya la lagu hasnol. Aku punya bayangan gurauan kump mega. Amalina br visa.

Me : Ya ka? nanti aku amnd boh lagu hg..weh..jgan nangis tau..aku pon sedih gak sbb kita dah tua.

Hajar : Aku nangis sbb aku terharu hang buat post tu. aku rindu zmn2 kita kecik. Aku slalu dok p melepak kat umah hang mkn pelam. Aku teringat kat hg ngan amalina..

And this goes to U FREN..



Tak pernah ku alami

Tak mungkin ku hindari

Di himpit perasaan

Bayangan gurauan

Di dalam jaga ku tercari-cari

Di dalam tidur termimpi-mimpi

Siapakah gadis misteri

Melambai dan terus menyepi

Jangan biarkan ku ternanti-nanti

Usah benarkan masa berlalu pergi

Cintamu oh! gadis misteri

Adakah kekal dan abadi

Andai di berikan emas permata

Ku pilih senyumanmu

Andai kupunyai mahligai indah

Ku hadiahkan untukmu

Dalam berjuta bintang berkelipan

Kau bagaikan kejora

Antara ribuan mata menikam

Takkan kubiarkan kau tenggelam

Di dalam jaga ku tercari-cari

Di dalam tidur termimpi-mimpi

Siapakah gadis misteri

Adakah dapat ku kenali

(Belum puas ku temui)

WhaT iF.....?

What if...i'm the one whose wearing this leopard print
and not her?
For sure tak cantik like her kan? Well..let see if i had a time to shop at JakeL..will search for this kind of materials and put it on me..buruk ke tak? Hahah will see, will see..

More story about this pix : Visit Selebriti

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This pixxies taken by MRmiez during open haus dat day..

Achik..Pose senget nih untuk mung..Hahah

7 months plus plus-Growing BIGGER & STRONGER

WaLKinG ShoESss..

Meet my new fav stuffs on the rack..

This diamonte maroon shoes i got from Jusco Perda during my first visit there last Sunday-19th October. It's loves at first sight..when saw it @ Vincci, Jusco Queensbay..tapi frust nonggeng bila xdak size pujuk hubby to go to Seberang to get it..kebetulan ada open haus kat umah En. Jasman..lucky there's still one last pair available for me. So during sambutan hari raya pDC, masa i jadi mC last monday..dapt melaram dagn kasut nih..ohhhh my...

I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes- Oprah Winfrey. Totally agreed wif u Oprah!!

Hubby said this shoes materials as it's made of giraffe skins..but i'm kind of lovin it..can u imagine wearing this wif supper skinny dark blue jeans..? Hmmm..

My shoes are special shoes for discerning feet- Manolo Blahnik

When people wear shoes that don't fit them, it says something about their soul. Generally, I think it means they are good people- Billy Bob Thornt

I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty- Imelda Marcos
Hopefully, my ending is not like her..

This bronze peep toe suits most of my brown outfits..yeah, i got a lot of this n that in brown..coz i loves earth colors..i'm very mrs brown..

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