Sunday, September 7, 2008

VamoS NaDaL-We LoVES YoU!!!!

I wake my hubby up for sahur this morning around 4.15 am..
We decided to just havin a cup of tea and a country baked cookies with choclates rather than a plate of heavy rice..after a sweet little chat..he remind me about the US Open Semi-final that hve been interuppted earlier on Saturday with due to tropical storm called Hanna, which then only resumed at 4.30pm ..Its the battle between my fav heroes_ Mr. Rafa and 21st year old Andy Murray..

World NO 1: RafaeL NadaL

Talking about the games....

On Saturday, Nadal had shown the same lack of fizz as three-day-old cola, and so Murray, playing a clever match, had taken the first two sets. Nadal led 3-2 with a break before Tropical Storm Hanna turned the US Open site into a water-park. But that was on Saturday on the Louis Armstrong Stadium, and this was Sunday on the Arthur Ashe Stadium. The danger for Murray was that Nadal would come back an altogether better player. (Go NadaL! Go NadaL!) Resuming under blue skies, and in a slight breeze, Nadal held on to his break and served out the third set.

The second game of the fourth set, on Nadal's serve, was a 15-minute mini-epic with Murray unable to convert his seven break-point chances. I claps happily breaking the morning silence which make my hubby stares at me and asking to check on little fella sleeping alone in the room..Luckily, Carliff gave a good supports by sleeping peacefully giving me chances to continue checking on Nadal's..

Back to the games....

Murray lost his serve cheaply in the next game yet then steadied his nerve to find parity, and struck again in the 10th game of the set. He finished off a punishing rally by hitting a volley into open court, which gave him match point. ( Mangkok toL!!)

After that, Nadal was breathing hard, which is a rare sight. I started to have a bad feeling that Nadal is not goin to face Mr. Federer for the finals..and as the clock stikes to shows 5.00am, i think its better to left the games to play by its owns (as my hubby already back to sleep hugging his pillow on the sofa) without turning off the TV's..(he refused to turn it off telling he will continue checking on result.."KONON..padahal bersunggoh tidoQ!!)

ZZZZZ...i wake up 5.55am and suddenly, Murray had become a grand slam finalist. ( Dah agak dahhh!!!) sight!! huhuhu..sedihhhhhh!!!

Sooo...Will Federer claim his first slam for a year, or could Murray end Britain's long wait?

Today's News in the Net : ( Hangen jer i baca!!)
Andy Murray beats Rafael Nadal
to book his place in the final of the US Open
Andy Murray sensationally beat world No 1 one Rafael Nadal 6-2, 7-6, 4-6, 6-4 in the semi-finals of the US Open at Flushing Meadows this evening and will now play Roger Federer in tomorrow night's final in New York.

World No 2 Roger Federer & World No 6 Andy Murray

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